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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Too Early?

The sun is shining and I'm itching to get outside ... I am actually itching as when I was sorting the garden out yesterday I seem to have been bitten by something or another!! ... but back to today. It looks like it's going to be a hot day today. I really do love summer with hot days spent in the sunshine wearing flip flops and eating ice creams. There's another time of year I love too though ... Christmas!!

I know, I know! I can hear you all shouting at me! Oopsies too early to mention the C word? Well when you're a crafter Christmas (Sorry said it again) is never far from your mind. It's the one time of year that seems the most magical to me. It's all cold and snugly with lots of cups of hot chocolate and cosy slippers. Not forgetting the presents of course! Today's project I'm afraid comes in the shape of Christmas gifts. Mum, Lady and I were shopping the other week and saw something we all knew would be perfect for a project we'd been wanting to try. With a little bit of ribbon and a bonus decoration or two, we came up with these ....

Anyone guess what they are??

Yep, they are indeed wine bottles with their winter jumpers on! Perfect little Christmas gifts we think!

Plus when you add the little Christmas felt decoration, when the wine has all gone you'll still have the decoration left!

They don't just have to be Christmas gifts either. With a little bit of tweaking and one of Mum's rosettes added you could even use them for the jubilee... 

Although of course with it being summer and celebrating Britishness you might want to swap the wine for a bottle of Pimms!! 

Ooo now then, talking of the jubilee. As I mentioned a few days ago, Ali over at Crafty Ribbons has a new celebratory Jubilee inspirations blog. They're still running their daily craft goodies competitions too, lots of fab stuff to be won! Ali's featuring a lot of our work on her own blog for the next two weeks too. Yesterday she featured Mum's jubilee candle ...

Cute isn't he? Today's feature was this ... 

A few weeks ago whilst cleaning out some old boxes Mum came across some old Cross stitches she'd made years ago. The little soldier was one of them. The find was perfect timing as he got added to our jubilee goodies list! All the ribbons are of course from the Crafty Ribbons Jubilee selection that Ali generously donated! 

I have a very special project to share with you tomorrow that we're extremely proud of, but for now I'm heading out into the garden to catch some sun!

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine too 

Little x


  1. I love your bottle cosies,how cute! They are great, Vee xx

  2. What a fab selection, love the bottle cosies AND it's never too early to mention the C word lol Carol x