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Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Challenge

We got a lovely surprise in the post last Saturday morning. The postman put a little blue envelope through our letter box here at craft towers. It was the kind of envelope that only comes from one place ... Crafty Ribbons!!! But we didn't order anything ... no no as Mum had left a comment on the Crafty Ribbons Blog saying she was bored, Ali, the owner very kindly sent us a selection of ribbons for a new challenge that she launched on Sunday 19th Feb ... we got a special preview and instant admission to the challenge, but no instructions on what the challenge was!! How special did we feel!!

Our creative crafty brains automatically kicked in ... "it might be an Easter challenge" ... "maybe it's a Mothers Day challenge" ... "Or it could be a spring challenge" ... The possibilities were endless and we already had ideas of what we could do if it was any of those. On Sunday the challenge was officially launched and it was ... "baby washing" .... Ooo how we didn't expect that. So there we were Sunday morning with every one of our ideas useless ... now what?? Well there was only one thing for it ... board meeting!!!

So on Tuesday, Mum, Lady and I all met for coffee and put our heads together (not literally!) and started brain storming. By the time we'd finished our coffees we had far too many ideas and definitely not enough time!! 7 hours later and almost all of our challenge goodies were complete. This time even Crusty put down her baking spoons and joined our crafty challenge!!  ... wanna see???

Sorry did I not mention you can't see them before they're posted on the official challenge blog?? Ooo well consider that a bit of a preview ... I'll update you again once you're allowed to see all of our makes.

Little x

Monday, February 13, 2012

Crusty's First Post

Here at craft towers we've all spent the weekend eating these lovely Eton Mess cupcakes! I made them for the first time on Friday and they've all been eaten already!! I'm convinced the cupcake stealing fairies have been at them again, surely we can't have eaten them all can we?? The recipe was pretty simple to follow. Having mixed all the ingredients together I simply spooned the mixture into the cake cases and baked them until cooked!! I also had to stop Mum from stealing spoonfuls of mixture when my back was turned ... maybe it wasn't cupcake fairies that were the theives after all!!!  Once baked they looked like this...

Two toned red and cream sponge. To be honest we could have just eaten them like this, but what would be the fun in that?? Nope, I piped them with buttercream icing, added homemade strawberry sauce and sprinkled on the meringue. All finished they looked like this ... 

Not bad for my first attempt I think. Like I said, they were so yummy they haven't lasted long. It's now Monday morning and all that remains is this ... 

All Gone!!!!

Maybe I'll have to make some more, or then again I might just have a few more new recipes to try out soon.

Crusty x