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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Month Of Posts ...

I'm still working my way through the Fathers Day card orders today. I'm not sharing them on this post though, nope today I thought I'd share some cards that will be given tomorrow ... I would share them tomorrow, but I have something else in mind for tomorrows post that I definitely can't share until then!

So back to today... Linda asked us for two cards. One from her Son and one from her for her Daughter. All she could decide was that she wanted both of them to be Tatty teddy cards. Making two tatty teddy cards can prove to be a bit of a struggle when they're both for the same person. You see, the problem with Tatty is that the images usually all sit well with the same kinds of colours ... pastels. If you're not careful they can turn out to be very similar. So knowing they had to be different I started out with this one ...

That's tatty opening the cake box! See what I mean about the girly pastel colours? The image really does go well with those colours. Having made this one I then struggled to find another image I could use that wouldn't go with a similar colour palette. But then I found this ... 

Tatty got a little bit patriotic! But I hopefully you'll agree that they're two different cards ... just don't look at the ribbon!! (it's a different colour so it doesn't count!)

To be honest, I don't think it would matter to me how many tatty teddy cards I had as I love tatty teddy. He's definitely my favourite character to receive and to craft with. 

If you think this card is patriotic though, just you wait to see what I have in store for tomorrow!
Little x

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Male

When I woke up this morning I was expecting the sun to be gone... but it's still here! I was all prepared to spend the day crafting, but when I saw the sunshine I suddenly found myself sitting in the garden again. I have deadlines approaching for last minute orders though, so as much as I protested I just couldn't persuade Mum to give me another day off! What made it worse was I knew what I had to do... nothing but male card ... yuck! As I've said on previous posts, I'm not a big fan of making male cards. Something about not being able to add pretty flowers and ribbon makes them less appealing!

I delayed it as long as possible, but eventually I found myself sitting inside crafting and made this ...

When the card was ordered I asked if there was anything in particular the person had in mind. They told me they didn't really mind and that their Grandad likes footy, beer and cricket!! So I added them all together and put them on this card! 

Whilst I made the Grandad card, Mum made this one ...

Mum knew the person it's for is a builder, so when she found this Forever friends bear with his tool belt, hammering away she knew she wanted to use it... The spring has been added to hold the worlds best Dad sign so that it looks like he's hammering the sign in! Cute huh?

Well seeing as I've done some work today, I think it's only fair I get to head back out into the sunshine for a little while! Tea and cake time I think!

Little x

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... 18

I've got three cards to share with you today. They're all for Melissa who celebrates her 18th Birthday today. I can still remember the day that little Mel, came to celebrate Crusty's 16th birthday. In fact, I even have a photo of her and her Sister's that I thought I'd ...... well aren't 18th birthdays supposed to be about the embarassing childhood photos?? So ...

haha Ok, I'm not that mean!! Maybe I should just skip straight to sharing her birthday cards with you ...

Mel's plays football in an all girls team whose team colours are yellow and blue so I couldn't resist using the footballs to spell out Sister. A photo never really tells the complete story though.... some of those footballs are on little acetate springs so it looks as if they're floating and Tatty's kicked them there!

Another photo where you don't really get the full story. The little hedgehog on the left of the picture is dangling from those balloons. He hangs loosely so it looks as if he's flying away with them! If you swing it a little bit, the hedgehog also manages to land the little present on the top of the stack the little Mouse is carrying!!

Lastly there's the Daughter card. What I haven't mentioned until now is that yellow is Mel's favourite colour. So all of her cards always contain yellow. I got a little bit stuck with what to do for her Daughter card, but in the end I went with this. I love the bunting banner. I've also made it so Dad's got the champagne and Mum's got the balloon!!

Hope you've had a fab birthday Mel, although by the looks of the message on facebook you have a hole in your toe? haha the drunken nights begin!

Happy 18th birthday from all of us 
Little x

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Not Quite Cake!

We've all had quite a busy day today. We've walked miles, done sit ups, press ups, hurdles, beam walking and the monkey bars ... can't quite believe it? Well that's because it's obviously not quite true!! What we actually were busy with is taking a stroll around one of the local parks in the sunshine. There's a trail you can walk around with wooden equipment that gives you instructions with what to do. All of us flat out refused to do the sit ups, press up and monkey bars ... we just walked passed them! The beam walking? Well we did do that ... ok, everyone except me did that. I for some reason couldn't quite get my balance right ... I blame my small feet!! The hurdles? Ahh see this one I did ... well if you count the ones I could quite easily step over!! Once they got higher than my knee cap I gave up haha! I was however the only one that tried them so I think I deserve a medal for my efforts ... or maybe another McFlurry!!

Our day trip wasn't all about exercise! Nope, there were ducks ... Mum and babies. The babies had been separated from their Mum, but after a lot of calling and some swimming they were reunited! It was so cute to watch ... next time Lady's promised to take them some bread haha! There were also a couple of games of Pooh sticks (which I won both of) and some daisy chain making. I won't tell you what happened to Lady's daisy chain, but lets just say it's now got a lot of water!!!

It's been such a good day today I almost forgot to post something, but luckily I remembered before I fell asleep! Today's post is another gift that was made a while ago, but we haven't yet shared it until now....

A pampering cake complete with towels, chocolate, face masks, bath products and wine! After a long day in the sun today I think I really need this ... maybe I can "borrow" some when Mum's not looking! Then again I think I might swap the face mask for a few blister plasters as my poor feet have really suffered today!!

Little x

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Aloha!

I'm sure I don't have to tell anyone just how hot and sunny it's been here over the past week. Doing anything whilst the weather is so beautiful is pretty impossible, but crafting whilst staring out at the sunshine? Well actually that didn't happen!! Nope, instead I've spent the week outside in the sunshine. So much so that I'm now feeling a little bit too frazzled! It's a very good job we have a group business meeting booked in for tomorrow or I'd probably be far too tempted to spend another day in the garden! 

With the weather so good, and with not much crafting happening this week (apart from things I can't yet share) I thought I'd show you something suitable for this weather ... 

These cupcakes were made almost a year ago by both Crusty and I. They were made for my old work colleagues on their last day at work. As I've previously mentioned, I got made redundant from my last job. For me a job will always be work, but the people you work with are the ones that make your job worthwhile. As a team of work colleagues we had various sayings and things that made us giggle. One of those things was "Aloha"! I can't really remember how it started but it became something we'd all say. So when it came to decorating the cupcakes for the last day I knew exactly what I wanted. 

I can not bake a thing ... unless snapable biscuits count! Crusty on the other hand is a dab hand at making the odd cake or two. She's tried so many different flavours and colours, but I still think these are my favourites. I'm not sure if it's because I helped make them, or what they remind me of. Whatever it is they always make me smile. That's not to say they didn't make me angry at the time ... you see those little flowers on the cakes? The one's that make the lei's? Need a closer look? ...  

Uhuh, those ones! Every single one of those little flowers was cut out of the icing , given a centre hole and then threaded by me ... there's well over two hundred of them too! They were more than annoying at times as quite a few of them decided to break meaning I had to make more. Still, I think they were worth all the hassle don't you? They were certainly worth it when they were eaten too! 

We used our own cupcake recipe, but you can find instructions on how to decorate them  including the toppers here

Little x

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Mint!

Mum and I have a bit of a trip down memory lane today. When I was little, (well littler than I am now!) I remember having so much fun at my primary school summer fetes. As I was part of a majorettes group I was also quite often part of the entertainment! ... NO Mum you will not be showing those photos ... trust me when I say they're awful!! Summer fetes meant lots of things to do. There were always the games to play like catch the rat (not a real one though as that'd be pretty horrific!), find the sweets amongst the flour, a coconut shy, wellie throwing and lots more I can hardly remember. There were the fun races like the three legged race or my personal favourite the egg and spoon race! More importantly though it was about being able to spend the day in the sunshine with your friends, parents and teachers and have a giggle.

So any guesses where we were today? Yep, at a primary school jubilee fete! Things have changed a bit since I was at primary school, but the old favourites have hung about! There was even an egg and spoon race, which of course was won by the child who'd figured out that holding the egg to the spoon and running was the best option!! We had a really good day enjoying the sunshine and watching everyone enjoy themselves. We were of course there with some of our goodies to sell. Being able to see peoples faces as they look at the things you've made and comment on how lovely they are is always a pleasure! One of our best sellers today was one of our Fathers Day type products. I wasn't going to post them up through fear of my own Dad seeing them too early, but I'm giving in, so here goes ...

It's our "My Dad's Mint" range! I was surprised by how many people found the play on words as funny as we do. People were commenting on how clever they thought we were ... ok I know if they knew us better they'd never have said that, but I'm still claiming that I'm clever!! 

There's the little bag of mints on the right hand side. Behind them on the left and slightly hidden is a glass filled with mints with a lollipop and a "My Dad's Mint!" sign... one of the ladies that brought a glass set said her Husband can eat the mints and will still have a nice whiskey glass!! With the size of that glass he'll probably fit a quarter of a bottle in there!! haha! 

This is one of my Dad's cards ... so again please don't tell him! When I came up with the idea I was just throwing about some saying until I said "My Dad's Mint" to which my Dad said "thanks"!! He wasn't too impressed when I said I didn't say it to him!! He'd seen the glass gift already which means I can't give him that for Fathers day. So I decided to add the saying along with a mint to his card ... hopefully it'll make up for saying I didn't mean him! 

The best quote of the day by far though has to go to a little girl who visited our stand with her Mum. The Mum was prompting her to buy one of our lolly mug sets for her cousin but not tell her Aunty. The little girl said "yeah yeah this one for him and these two for me"!!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

Little x

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Special Ocassion

It's been a bit of a long day for us today, so I'm going to keep this very short and sweet! Last week I was asked to make a very special card. The sort of card you really don't get asked to make very often. It's also the card you'd be really lucky to receive... so what was it for?? Well, take a look ....

Yep that's right, a 100th birthday card! I've only ever been asked to make one other 100th birhday card before this one. The lady who ordered it wanted it for her partners Grandad who's a big Portsmouth FC fan. So I created the backing papers to include both the Portsmouth FC logo and the Happy100th Birthday. I'm not really a fan of making male cards as they're not usually pretty and sparkley, nor do they have ribbon. This one however I really like. I think maybe the cute Forever Friends bear makes it seem a bit less dull than male cards can sometimes be! Then again maybe it's because there's still a bit of sparkle and some ribbon on it!!

Have a fab weekend

Little x

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... On A Stick!

Since I started my daily blogging challenge, I've known what today's post would be about. I've known what projects I'd be sharing with you, but it's the wording that's had me a little stumped. You see, today is my eldest friend Suzie's birthday ... not that I mean she's like a hundred or anything. In fact I'd probably have worded better if I'd told you she's the friend I've known the longest!! Anyway I'm rambling now!

Suzie and I met at secondary school when we were just 13. So just 5 years ago now!!! .. Ooo alright then it's a little longer than that!! In fact as I was thinking about it last week I was pretty shocked. You see, Suzie and I have been friends for around 19 years now (making you feel old Suzie?). That's a pretty scary thing when you think about it. I've known her for more than half my life. We've been through a fair bit together over the years and literally been to the other side of the world and back a fair few times. Like any friendship, there are certain things I can say to her that will make her laugh, but will have everyone else confused ... things such as "rubbery cheese" "bag man" "big fish man" and "well!" ... confused? Well Suzie is probably in hysterics!

As I've known Suzie for so long, when it comes to birthdays and christmas I think we're both as bad as one another. We've had everything. We've got everything we need, so to find something new to buy gets more and more complicated as the years go by.... there's only so many handbags you can buy someone!! Last year Suzie made a declaration that it's always warm and sunny on her birthday ... well it was until last year! So I brought her a box of summer goodies that she'd be able to enjoy in the sunshine on her birthday... only problem was last year was the first year in just about forever that it wasn't warm and sunny! In fact last year it rained for weeks after so guess who got the blame!!

I definitely learnt my lesson! I didn't want to be blamed for something else this year, but I needed to come up with something else to do. When I thought about what to do I just kept remembering our holiday together last year. We spent a week in Fuerteventura at the start of September, just to get away from it all. We'd booked all inclusive so didn't have to do anything but lay by the pool and enjoy the sunshine or head to the restaurants to fill ourselves with all the free food! On of the funniest memories I have of that holiday is the day I'd decided I was far too full of food to be able to manage desert. Suzie, having seen that the man sat next to us had chocolate covered fruit skewers looked me straight in the eye and said "but there's stuff on a stick"! Now I'll admit that's probably not all that funny to you, but honestly at that moment I couldn't stop laughing!

So with that in mind, I've given her "stuff on a stick" 

There's not one summery item amongst that set of wrapped gifts either so of course the weather today is beautiful sunshine!! She's also got an extra present to make sure it doesn't rain, but I'm not telling you about that just in case she hasn't opened it yet!! Instead I'll show you the card I've made ... 

a little black cat and one of her favourite colours ... green! 

Hopefully you're having a great day (even if you're at work) Suzie. Happy birthday from all of us, and a special happy birthday from me old friend!

Little x

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... To Canada!

Morning All,

Firstly I'd just like to say a big hello to all our new followers and a huge thank you for all your lovely comments. I will get round to replying very soon, but I'm a little bit pre-occupied right now! Your comments have brought a smile to our faces and made writing these posts even more of a pleasure.

Ok, so down to business then. Yesterday the sun was shining, the music was playing and where we? Crafting of course ... only now we're crafting outside in the garden so as to not miss out on the sunshine!! Yep, not only has our craft work area spread to take up half the kitchen, but now it's spread out to the garden too ... Ooo well what else is a garden for if not to craft in? haha! Today's set to be another sunny one, so we've already set up camp outside and once this post is written you will find us lounging in the sun with a cup of tea and the odd ice lolly or two! Well, when I say us I mean Mum and I as Lady is visting her Nanny today to hand deliver some very special invitations whilst Crusty is at work in between the ovens no doubt with her head in the freezer (sucks to be you!) hahaha!

Anyway, a while back we were asked to make a very special card that needed to be sent to Canada. The receiver Jess is Canadian who married the Son of a very special friend of ours, Jackie. Jess is a fan of all things British and is apparently practising her "posh" British accent for when she visits Jackie! There couldn't have been a better time to be asked to make this card. With the impending jubilee there's plenty of "British" ranges to choose from. Ordinarily when we're asked to make a card for someone it's either an 8x8, A5 or 6x6 card that gets made. However, as this was a very "special" card and we'd just received our Docrafts portobello stash Mum and I got a little carried away and came up with this ....

Sums up everything British doesn't it?? ... well not quite, because then we made this ... 

As cute as Bobby from the Nitwits collection is we still thought there was something missing, so we made this ... 

See now it says Happy Birthday, so it's a proper British card right? ... well actually as I said before we have the Nitwits "Tour of London" collection and there was one more thing just screaming to be used, so we made this ... 

See how could we not use the little Royal Guard! Added to the cute soldier ribbon from Crafty Ribbons, there's no mistaking it's British now is there ... well that's what we thought until we came up with this ... 

What's Britain without it's "Cuppa". So as you can see we got a little bit carried away, but howcould we not when we had so many things to play with! Problem was, now we'd made them we couldn't choose between them! Solution? .....

Stick them all together as one big card!!! 

Today is Jess's birthday. The card should have made it's way to Canada by now, so hopefully Jess is loving her card as much as we loved making it. I know we won't get to see how happy she is with it, but we do know Jackie was "over the moon" with it. Happy Birthday Jess. 

Ooo and one last thing before I go out to the sunny sunshine! To add to the jubilee theme today I thought I'd pop an extra project in. Whilst busy with all her felting jobs, Mum came up with these ... 

Jubilee rosettes! Well they look like rosettes don't they? But if you look closer you'll see they're differing sized flowers that make up those rosettes! 

Ooo and not for getting of course the union jack ribbon courtesy of Crafty Ribbons which makes this another entrant into the Crafty Ribbons Flower Challenge and confirms they're rosette status! I'll be adding one of these to my jubilee felt heart whilst celebrating the jubilee weekend! 

Little x

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Too Early?

The sun is shining and I'm itching to get outside ... I am actually itching as when I was sorting the garden out yesterday I seem to have been bitten by something or another!! ... but back to today. It looks like it's going to be a hot day today. I really do love summer with hot days spent in the sunshine wearing flip flops and eating ice creams. There's another time of year I love too though ... Christmas!!

I know, I know! I can hear you all shouting at me! Oopsies too early to mention the C word? Well when you're a crafter Christmas (Sorry said it again) is never far from your mind. It's the one time of year that seems the most magical to me. It's all cold and snugly with lots of cups of hot chocolate and cosy slippers. Not forgetting the presents of course! Today's project I'm afraid comes in the shape of Christmas gifts. Mum, Lady and I were shopping the other week and saw something we all knew would be perfect for a project we'd been wanting to try. With a little bit of ribbon and a bonus decoration or two, we came up with these ....

Anyone guess what they are??

Yep, they are indeed wine bottles with their winter jumpers on! Perfect little Christmas gifts we think!

Plus when you add the little Christmas felt decoration, when the wine has all gone you'll still have the decoration left!

They don't just have to be Christmas gifts either. With a little bit of tweaking and one of Mum's rosettes added you could even use them for the jubilee... 

Although of course with it being summer and celebrating Britishness you might want to swap the wine for a bottle of Pimms!! 

Ooo now then, talking of the jubilee. As I mentioned a few days ago, Ali over at Crafty Ribbons has a new celebratory Jubilee inspirations blog. They're still running their daily craft goodies competitions too, lots of fab stuff to be won! Ali's featuring a lot of our work on her own blog for the next two weeks too. Yesterday she featured Mum's jubilee candle ...

Cute isn't he? Today's feature was this ... 

A few weeks ago whilst cleaning out some old boxes Mum came across some old Cross stitches she'd made years ago. The little soldier was one of them. The find was perfect timing as he got added to our jubilee goodies list! All the ribbons are of course from the Crafty Ribbons Jubilee selection that Ali generously donated! 

I have a very special project to share with you tomorrow that we're extremely proud of, but for now I'm heading out into the garden to catch some sun!

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine too 

Little x

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello, how are you all? I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I thought I'd surprise everyone and make an early post today to report on a bit of a problem I've uncovered... you see late last night (and by late I mean after 10pm!) Mum was still sat on the sofa stitching away. Having just finished typing yesterday's blog post I decided to put the kettle on. I went to the kitchen, made the tea and carried it to the lounge to sit with Mum.

This was when my problem began. You see, as I sat there jibber jabbering on about something or nothing Mum decided she was far too busy stitching to listen to me!! I even pointed out to her she wasn't listening, which was when she apologised for not listening and told me to continue chatting. But she bloomin did it again!! I asked a question twice and the answer I got back twice was this ... "do they look too pale?" ... Ooo yep once again she wasn't listening!! So I've now become an orphan and all because of felt!! Ok, I'll admit being an orphan might be a bit of an exaggeration, but when you get more sense out of the cat than you do your Mum you realise something's wrong!!

I will admit though that becoming an orphan to felt might actually not be so bad! Especially when you get pretty things like this ...

Cute isn't he? It's a cupcake keyring made from felt all hand stitched by Mum for Crusty...purple's her favourite colour!

and this one is mine, because teal/turquoise is my favourite colour ...

this one it Lady's .... guess what? Ooo yep, pink's her favourite colour!! 

Aaah see Mum had to be different! She's stitched herself a little turtle or tortoise (not sure what the difference is! and he's green as it's Mum's favourite colour...

Then  there's this little cupcake family! I'm not quite so sure about the little ones ... the one at the bottom left of the picture looks a little bit angry to me whilst the one top right looks like a zombie hahaha! These aren't keyrings. They've got a much more important role to play which I'm sure at some point I'll share with you, but for now I'll leave you guessing!! 

and last of all there's ...

yep, another addition to the Hello Kitty range! I'm sure this one will make it's way to little Ellie rather quickly, then again she might just have to wait til her birthday! 

If anyone would like one of these little keyrings, feel free to let us know.

Little x

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Thankful

Over on docrafts, the blog topic today is "What are you thankful for". Isn't that obvious? I'm more than thankful for discovering crafting which is mainly due to Lady. Without Lady I'd never have gotten into crafting as much as I have. Without crafting I'd spend a lot more hours of my days rather bored! Crafting gives us more reason to spend time together. Shopping trips turn into "hunt the craft shop" trips, whilst meeting for coffee has turned into "let me show you my latest project"!! Crafting even allows us the ocassional weekend trips away to exciting places like Birmingham!! Ok, I'll admit Birmingham may sound rather dull, but in the crafting world it's a pretty big thing as it's where we get a lot of ideas and spend a heck of a lot of money on all new crafting toys whilst sharing good times and giggles along the way. If you're as lucky as us you'll even get the odd freebie or two from our friends over at Crafty Ribbons . Not that we ever expect it to be free ... it's more that Ali doesn't let us pay!!

Ooo talking of Crafty Ribbons, if you have a little spare time pop over to their jubilee inspirations blog. Ali and the team are running daily competitions to win lots of craft goodies ... not to be missed if you're a crafter! Each day Ali's posting up some of the projects her and the team have made to go with the themes. A while ago on one of our "craft outings" Ali promised to send us a selection of their jubilee ribbons to play with. As always, she didn't disappoint us! We've made quite a few projects using her beautiful ribbons which over the next two weeks she'll share with everyone. In fact yesterday she shared the picture of Crusty's cupcakes. ...

They really were as yummy as they looked!! You can find the post Ali featured them on here.

Ok then, onto today's project. At the start of the week I made this card ...

It was a bit of a last minute request as it was needed for just two days later. Thankfully I got it finished in time, and I think it turned out rather well. Today is Jennifer's 30th birthday. We hope you've had a lovely day Jennifer and liked your card as much as us.

Little x

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Lady does Blogging

Hello Lady here . This is my first blog and i am typing with one finger whilst keeping an eye on Little as she is hovering around my ribbon box !! Little has demanded that i do a post which is hard cause i am shy ! (no she's not!!). I am going to share with you some cards that i do for my family and close "special" friends.    

This card was for my Mum for Mothers Day. I crossed stitched the Forever Friends bear and then added papers,flowers and ribbon from my stash (which i still have my eye on) .

This one was for Little for Christmas. The tatty Ted looks so sweet i could not resist doing it . Tatty Ted is my most favorite character to stitch as he is so cute. I usually stitch the face first and then i find myself talking to them as i stitch the rest . Little laughed when i told her that but now she does the same when she is making cards. So we are both as mad as each other . 

My grandma is 90 in July and i have stitched her a very pretty Forever Friends bear . I have not attempted to make the card up yet so that will be my next blog . Need to go now and check the pockets of the Little one as she is looking suspicious and i feel she has been up to no good!!!

Hope you liked my first blog
Lady x 

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Hello!

Well, how good is that timing? Today's post topic from Docrafts is about cleaning. This entire month has been about just that! We've had a good old clear out of all the things we no longer need or want here at home ... no the craft things of course ... no you never throw craft things away! Even the tiniest little pieces of papers come in handy for something!! Just about every other corner of the house has had a good sort through though ... we've left no cupboard unharmed!! It really is amazing just how much "junk" you accumulate of the years. More amazing though is how much of that "junk" makes it into the craft area in the "I'm sure I can do something with this" area haha!

Anyways, on to todays project ... A few weeks ago I was asked to make a Hello Kitty birthday card for little Ellie's upcoming 5th birthday. I'm not always a fan of making cards with television characters as it's often hard to get them looking different to what you could buy in the card stores. I did however find Hello Kitty was a little different. It didn't take me long to come up with this ...

I love the bright colours of Hello Kitty. She's also always girly, so making this was just about everything I love! Even Kitty's dress has little embossed hearts on ... 

Just before I was asked to make a Hello Kitty card, I'd seen something rather cute that I wanted to try in a different kind of way, so to add to the card I've also made this ... 

It's a milk carton gift box (ideal for sweeties!) with Hello Kitty's face. It wasn't the first milk carton gift box I made, but so far I think this is the cutest. 

So little Ellie will be getting these for her birthday ... 

Like I said before, I'm not a big fan of tv characters, but I absolutely loved making kitty! 

I'm off to visit Lady tomorrow for a bit of computer training! So without question or argument, tomorrows post will be coming from her... yep Lady, it really will!

Little x