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Monday, May 28, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Not Quite Cake!

We've all had quite a busy day today. We've walked miles, done sit ups, press ups, hurdles, beam walking and the monkey bars ... can't quite believe it? Well that's because it's obviously not quite true!! What we actually were busy with is taking a stroll around one of the local parks in the sunshine. There's a trail you can walk around with wooden equipment that gives you instructions with what to do. All of us flat out refused to do the sit ups, press up and monkey bars ... we just walked passed them! The beam walking? Well we did do that ... ok, everyone except me did that. I for some reason couldn't quite get my balance right ... I blame my small feet!! The hurdles? Ahh see this one I did ... well if you count the ones I could quite easily step over!! Once they got higher than my knee cap I gave up haha! I was however the only one that tried them so I think I deserve a medal for my efforts ... or maybe another McFlurry!!

Our day trip wasn't all about exercise! Nope, there were ducks ... Mum and babies. The babies had been separated from their Mum, but after a lot of calling and some swimming they were reunited! It was so cute to watch ... next time Lady's promised to take them some bread haha! There were also a couple of games of Pooh sticks (which I won both of) and some daisy chain making. I won't tell you what happened to Lady's daisy chain, but lets just say it's now got a lot of water!!!

It's been such a good day today I almost forgot to post something, but luckily I remembered before I fell asleep! Today's post is another gift that was made a while ago, but we haven't yet shared it until now....

A pampering cake complete with towels, chocolate, face masks, bath products and wine! After a long day in the sun today I think I really need this ... maybe I can "borrow" some when Mum's not looking! Then again I think I might swap the face mask for a few blister plasters as my poor feet have really suffered today!!

Little x

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