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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Day 3

I have a bit of a confession to make ... I barely slept last night. Not because I have any worries or stresses, but because I was far too inspired to make things that I think I was sleep crafting!!! I know, I know it's becoming an obsession!! To be honest I've spent most of the past month trying to come up with some ideas for Fathers Day without any luck. Last night though I suddenly had one of those lightbulb moments, you know, the ones when the penny finally drops!! So at around 11pm last night I knew exactly what I wanted to try out. Not just for Fathers Day, but also for some other projects in the pipeline ... it's as if my brain suddenly woke up! Problem was after it was awake I couldn't shut the bloomin thing up!! So I've had an awful headache all day long due to my lack of sleep, but I've kept going and even managed to make a card.

I'm not sharing the card I made today on this post though ... nope, today I'm going back in time a little. Remember the anniversary cards I shared yesterday? Well the day before his anniversary Ed celebrated his birthday ... talk about double celebrations ... then again maybe he chose that day so he'd never forget his anniversary haha clever!! Anyways, these were the cards his family had us make ....

Anyone spot a recurring theme?? Yep, that's right Ed's a bit of a camper van fan, in fact he even owns a cowprint camper van!! All of these cards were made by Mum, who having made all of his birthday cards got a little bit bored of staring at camper van images hahaha!! It might be a little belated, but we all hope you had a lovely birthday Ed x

I'm now off to try and get some sleep and try and get rid of this headache. Hopefully I won't be crafting in my sleep tonight ... then again if I could craft whilst asleep it would leave more time in my days for shopping trips!!

Just kidding Mum!! 
Little x

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  1. I love the cards you have made they are brilliant. You have just reminded me that I should start making my father’s day cards. Hope you have had plenty of rest.