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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Operation Don't Tell Dad!!

First up I should probably tell you I'm hoping my Dad doesn't read this ... why? Well because it contains something for him that I don't want him to see just yet!! So Dad, Daddy, Papa or my personal favourite ... Daddykins!! If you are reading this then please, for your own sake put down the laptop, close the screen and seeing as you love me, stick the kettle on!!!

Back to today's post then!! As I said, this post contains something I've made for my Dad. It's going to be one of his Fathers Day presents. Dad gets a bit of a hard time at home ... well who wouldn't being the only man living with three women!! To be fair to him, most of the time he just can't win ... if he does it, he gets told he's done it wrong ... if he doesn't do it, he gets moaned at for not doing it!! He also has to put up with us taking over the house with all the craft stuff whilst he's left confined to the lounge watching sport!! Ooo and to top it all off, we do take the mickey out of him quite a bit for his rather annoying tidying habits ... you can't leave something for five minutes without him tidying it away "somewhere safe"!! As the eldest of the children, I'm non-ashamedly the "Daddy's girl" ... he's been my personal taxi for years, is quite often my shopping bag carrier and has also been my comfy cushion during a long haul flight!! So what does he get in return for all that grief?? Well hugs from me of course hahaha!!

I know it all sounds a bit bad, but honestly we are nice to him too!! Whilst he spends hours watching sports he gets his own waitress service with tea and snacks delivered to him. He also gets plenty of treats here and there too. Ooo and sometimes when we're feeling really generous we'll take him to places that bore the heck out of us but he enjoys, just to keep him happy!!

For 32 years he's put up with my tears and tantrums, for which I'll never be able to thank him enough. It might have felt mean when I was younger but he's taught me right from wrong. He's picked me up and been my shoulder to cry on when things have gone wrong and most importantly he's been my Daddy ... Love you Daddykins xxx

Ok, enough of the mushy stuff ... time to get on with today's post. I know the challenge over at docrafts was to make a card, but I'm sharing something a little bit different. You see, my Dad loves marmite ... or as he calls it "mymite" as he can't say marmite!! So when we spotted this jar ...

whilst shopping in Sainsburys a few weeks ago I knew I had to buy it for him. The only problem was the jar looked a bit boring, so I made this to put it in ...

It's simply a milk carton gift box with a window cut out, some bunting added to it to tie it in with the jubilee and some matching ribbon. Then I added the little royal guard to keep any potential marmite thieves from stealing the jar!! Personally I love, and I hope he does too. There's other presents we've made him, but I'll save them for another post!!

Little x