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Friday, October 30, 2015

                                                   Had a go at making a new style poppy
                                                                            this year

                                                    And here is the old favourite. have
                                                            made 20+ and still going

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ribbon and paper baubles and crafts

This is mum here
Well hello there everyone. Been a long time.I am giving this blogging a go. As in March Little moved up to York to be with her lovely man.So I do hope you will all forgive until I get the hang of this.Here are a few phones of the demos that I have done in my daytime job.
 This one is of a christmas pudding using ribbon and adding some red beads at the top for berries.

 This one was made by Little for me to put in my kitchen. This is made from ribbons that we got from Crafty ribbons. Then added the word home made from card.

 This is a Christmas bauble made using Christmas papers which came from Hobbycraft and will be used in my day job as an idea for people that would like to make themselves.The tree below was made using ribbons as well which came from Crafty ribbons .Thanks for reading and I hope to add lots more ideas as time goes on .
                                                Nice chatting Mum (Sharon)