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Friday, June 29, 2012

Felt Friday 3

It's Felt time again! It's been a running joke between all of us that Lady always says that I (Little) live on a toadstool due to my shortness!! So whilst thinking of new creations Mum decided to make me a new home ... to be honest I have a sneaky suspicion she was trying to tell me something!!

As cute as they are I think they're a tad too small for me to live in!! 

Ooo and what is a toadstool without a Ladybug?? (I know it's a Ladybugless toadstool!!) 

Good job Mum made these little Ladybug's to go with them then isn't it!!

Little x

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Little Bit Late

I should have shared today's selection of cards with you back on the 20th, but I've been rather busy with customers orders. We were asked what now seems like a very long time ago to make one Daughter and two Sister birthday cards for Kayleigh. You might have noticed along the way we've been making cards for one particular family? Well Kayleigh's the last of the three Sisters to have her birthday this year. We've made them all quite a few cards now, so each time we're asked it gets harder to beat the previous year, but hopefully she loved these cards ...

First up is the Daughter card. Kayleigh loves the old fashioned VW beetle, so when I found this image I knew it would be perfect for Kayleigh.

Next up is one of the Sister cards. When making cards for the three Sister's they each have their own specific favourite colour. Kayleigh's colour is purple whilst her Sister Beth's is pink, so I've tried to incorporate both colours on this card.

Kayleigh's in her second year of a veterinary degree so I couldn't resist using the little hedgehog on this card. Again the colours match the Sister's as Mel's favourite colour is yellow!

Apologies for being so late, but we hope you had a great birthday Kayleigh.

Little x 

Monday, June 25, 2012

1st Anniversary

A while ago we were asked to make a first wedding anniversary card for Jackie's Daughter and Son-In-Law. To me a first anniversary is special, so I ummed and aahed over what to do for quite some time. I sat staring at the screen for hours and I even kept putting it off! I didn't quite know how to make it special enough. Until that is I came up with an idea. So after asking Jackie a few questions about their wedding day I came up with this ...

Explanation? Well, as you can see I've used one of their wedding photos as the main focus of the card. What you can't quite see though and won't know unless you're them or were there is that all of those words you can see that surround the photo are the lyrics to the song they had their first dance to.

Ooo and just so it's extra special, the colour of the card is burgundy just as their wedding colour theme was!

I know when Mum showed Jackie the card (a very long time ago now) Jackie was thrilled with it, so we can only hope Angie and Paul were too. 

Happy 1st Anniversary from all of us.
Little x

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Camper Vans, Beer and Moustaches!

I've found myself a bit behind with these posts again, so I'm going to share a few things with you today that I should have shared before, but couldn't! First up, there's the last of the Fathers Day cards ...

Yep that's right, camper vans again! Mum made all three of those cards for Ed, who as I've previously mentioned is a lover of the camper van! It gets harder and harder each time to find more images of camper vans that haven't yet been used, but we've got almost a year now until he'll be getting another card, so there's plenty of time!!

I shared a lot of my creations for our Dad before Fathers day, but there was this one last thing that I didn't show you ... 

I know it's supposed to be a beer bucket, but as Dad's more of a lager drinker it ended up being filled with a few of his favourite things instead ... he even got it just in time to be able to enjoy his lager whilst watching the football!! Ooo and before I forget, to add to his moustache themed cards and gifts I also made him this ... 

Don't worry it's not a box filled with moustaches! It's just playing home to a couple of bags of M&M's!!

Little x

Friday, June 22, 2012

Felt Friday 2

First up, apologies for the lack of posts this week, we've all been busy creating lots of projects for a new challenge over at Crafty Ribbons. Again I can't show you any of those creations until Ali posts them up, but in the meantime I can tell you our projects include, some rings, a cherry topped item, something you might wear and an explosion!!

On to today's post then ... Today's week two in our Felt Friday line up, so I've got some more felt creations to share, but first I need to explain!!! A while ago I decided I'd try my hand at this gardening malarkey!! I've never really been all that interested in digging about in the dirt (there's bugs in there) and I'm certainly not a fan of bees and wasps (I scream like a girl!!). But as I was planning to spend the majority of my summer outside in the garden in the sunshine (not that there's been much sun so far!!) I thought I'd try and grow a few things to make our garden look pretty along with the odd vegetable or two. I started it all off by growing a few pumpkins, which then led to some beetroot, swede and lettuce ... well I was nothing if not ambitious!! Once I'd had a little success ... and by success I mean I'd got them all to the seedling stage ... I aimed even higher. In fact I decided to set up a challenge amongst the four of us to see who could grow the largest sunflower.

It all started so well, but a couple of months on it hasn't quite worked out. My pumpkins are yet to grow anything but a few flowers that last for just a day, my lettuce got eaten by slugs and snails within a week of introducing it into the garden. I'm still hoping my beetroot and swede will amount to something, but to be honest they've not even got any leaves left so I'm doubtful! Then there's my sunflowers ... which after growing to the dizzying height of about 31inches have pretty much all been eaten by slugs and snails. I've slowly come to realise I don't like gardening all that much and I definitely have a dislike for slugs and snails!! Not that it's all doom and gloom though ... Lady has managed to grow her sunflower to over 50inches in her courtyard ... I think she definitely wins that challenge!!

Anyway, I can hear you all asking what my gardening has to do with todays post? Well, seeing as I haven't had much success in growing the plants (I blame the weather!) Mum decided to cheer me up by making these .... 

rather beautiful felt poppy's! They're certainly cheering up the rather dull looking garden!! 

Little x

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Felt Friday!!

With Mum having made so many felt creations lately, I thought I'd rename Fridays - Felt Fridays! She's made all sorts of things this week, but I'm only going to share a couple of them with you today.... Ooo and they're both christmas figures!! 

First up there's Rudolph ...  

She's made smaller reindeer decorations before, but I personally think these ones are cuter. They could be used as all kinds of things such as tree decorations, christmas keyrings, or even added to a gift tag on your presents. 

Then there's Frosty ... 

Again, Mum's made smaller versions, but the larger ones just seem cuter. We've already lost one Frosty to Lady!! 

So this has been the first felt Friday! Lets see what else she comes up with!! 

Little x

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hello Again!

I thought I'd share another Hello Kitty card with you today. This time the card was made by Mum, for little Ellie who's 5th birthday was yesterday. 

Ellie loves Hello Kitty so much, that her Mum and Dad brought her a Hello Kitty bike and matching helmet for her birthday! Ooo and remember the little Hello Kitty keyring Mum made a while back? 

We were a little bit mean and made her wait til her birthday before giving it to her! Apparently she loved the keyring so much she's already attached it to her bike!! 

Little x

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Sketch Makes All The Difference

A while ago we were asked to make a card for a cat lover. It wasn't allowed to be any old cat though, nope this one had to involve a specific type of breed ... a ragdoll cat. I'll admit I really struggled. I had no idea what to do. I knew what image I wanted to use, but I just couldn't get my head around how to make it look pretty. Having printed my image, I placed it with a few things but it just wasn't working out ... until I discovered Katy's sketch challenge over on the docrafts site. It was like a lightbulb moment!! Suddenly everything came together and made this ...

Hopefully the lady that received it will be pleased with how it turned out. 

Little x

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Wheely Good Idea?

A while back, we decided to try something new. We were looking for a new way of meeting our customers and explaining exactly what we're all about. The problem we have with our projects, is that a photo doesn't always show them in the best way. Without sounding too arrogant, you just can't see how good they are from a photograph. Seeing them up close is always better. Getting the chance to show them off can be an issue when you don't have a store. We thought a fun way of introducing ourselves and our products to people would be to hold some home parties. The idea is we bring a range of our products to your home for you and the friends you invite to see and maybe purchase. We provide a few party games and a bit of entertainment whilst you provide any food/drinks and the guests!! It turned out to be a good idea. It meant we could not only show off our products, but also generate a few new ideas for gifts that were individual to the person ordering them. The only problem was, those ideas caused a few more issues than we'd expected!!

It all started when Kelly decided to order a pamper cake for her partner Lewis. He's a bit of a car enthusiast and loves a specific brand of car cleaning products. Kelly wanted to the cake to include some of the car products such as pots of wax and bottles of shampoo... not a problem right?? ... well actually no, if we'd stuck to making a cake with the products in it would have been fine ... but that would have been too easy wouldn't it?? ... yep so big mouth me decided to suggest changing the two tier cake idea into a tyre instead!! ... That's where it all began!!

Last week Kelly gave us the car products she wanted putting in the tyre along with a list of a few extra goodies. We gathered the rest of the items we'd need and got to work. About 4 hours later, after a lot of "aarrggghh's", "it won't stay up's" and a few tantrums followed by a fair bit of working in silence ... we finally managed to get it to look like this!! .....

It's not the best of pictures, as it was difficult to get it all to stay standing whilst it hadn't been cellowrapped! Hopefully you get the fact it's a tyre though. Once it was finished I sent this picture to Kelly, who thankfully seemed pleased with it ... good job too, as Mum had said she was going to slap her if she said she didn't like it!! (obviously she was joking ... I think!!). 

The tyre will be added to the three little Fathers day cars I've previously shown you that all include tyres on them. Hopefully Lewis loves it as it will definitely be a one off! ... Mum's refused to do any more tyres!! 

Kelly also ordered a much simpler fathers day gift for her own Dad ...

A double tiered cake is definitely much simpler than a tyre! This one is filled with his favourite things ... John Smiths beer and retro sweets!

and of course the card had to match the gift too! 

Hope they both love them Kelly. 

Little x

Monday, June 11, 2012

Reading Congratulations!

Ok, so I know I only shared a pamper cake with you yesterday ... but I have another one to share today! This one though was really special. Bryony wanted a special wedding present for a couple who'd been married in Jamaica back in May, but were having their reception back here on Saturday. The theme for their wedding was Reading Football Club colours which are blue and white. I honestly feel like I've been on Reading FC overload this past week with all the cards and gifts that have all been made for that theme!

Anyway, Bryony wasn't sure what to get so asked for our help. After a few suggestions and a lot of "what ifs" and "Ooo lets add that too" we decided on this ...

A Large pamper cake with a blue and white theme!! There's a few extra touches to this one too. First up  ... there's two champagne flutes which we managed to fill with blue and white sweets!! As the couple had already married we couldn't add an "on your wedding day" message ... but there was a "Reading FC" theme so we added this to the wine bottle cover ... 

I played about with the Reading FC logo, making it say "Reading congratulations" which is of course a play on "wedding congratulations"!! Plus where the logo usually says est. 1871 I changed it to say est. 2012 ... quite clever I think (but then I did it so I would think that!!!).

The last little extra in the pamper cake was the personalised candle you can see sitting at the very top. What you can't quite see though is that it also matches their wedding card ... 

The couples names and their wedding date were also added for just that special touch. 

Hope they loved them all Bryony!

Little x

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Last Day!

Well I can't quite believe it, but today marks the end of my posting challenge. I've completed one post per day for a whole month. If I'm honest I thought I'd find it all a bit of a struggle, especially when it came to finding things to post about ... but I guess the chatterbox in me took over and I just ended up writing the way I was thinking ... which is why the posts have probably seemed a bit strange at times!! Even though this may be the last post of my challenge, it certainly won't end here. I'm going to try my best to keep posting as much as I can as I've actually rather enjoyed it.

Onto today's project then?? Well, I'm going to share another pamper cake with you today ... This was made for Debbie's birthday on the 7th of June. I would love to have shown you back then, but as she didn't get given the gift until yesterday, it would have been a bit rude to show you first!!

We've made quite a few of the pamper cakes now, so they're getting easier to make ... or so we thought until this week!! We were asked to make this one extra special using specific items chosen by the person giving it. Usually the cakes include two tiers made of towels and the rest is added for decoration. The two tiers are made to a specific size, but as this one included much larger items than usual we had to adjust just about everything to fit it all in!! Thankfully it worked out in the end! I actually love this colour combination ... the lime and purple sit so well together. We even made an extra special wine bottle label and covered the chocolates to make it all match together.

This one is definitely my favourite so far and hopefully Debbie loved it too.

Little x

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... bestest bud

Morning everybody please bear with today as me (mum) is having  to do the blog .Can't get away with it any longer Little has left me to do it all on my own but I am sure she will check my spelling ....

The first picture this morning is one card I did for my bestest bud's birthday .just a small card but with a magnet on as we are all getting old and thought it would make her laugh.

The next card i found this saying and changed just a bit because when we go out to dinner you just don't come back with a full stomach but your ribs hurt from laughing soooooo much and your checks are just the same.

This it the saying but did change it a bit. hope it made her laugh when she opened it

This card is just because Jackie is always there when you need her and never has a bad thing to say about anybody, which is why I love her.

This is what the saying is on the card ,which is Jackie to a tee.
This one is because if you remember we made a card for her daughter in law that went to Canada it is made in the same way, but again had to make for Jackie just because she is so lovely.

Then we go on to her presents well one day on facebook she said that she had eaten a whole jar of chocolate spread so guess what's in the box. Hope you liked it Jackie but just remember don't eat it all at once.

Then her last present well not really but the rest are surprises for her to open. I found this shopper bag and throught to use it as the gift bag.Which I filled with coffee, chocolate bars, mints and chewing gum and also some sweetener not that Jackie needs it as she is already sweet enough there is also a bottle of wine in there for her to toast her birthday..Enough of my gushing about my best bud just to say hope you have a wonderful day......Love you lots x x x

thanks, now off for a good strong tea now that i have done my blog

Mum x

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Ribbon & Glitter & Pretty things!

I'm so glad I've finished making all the male cards we need for a while. Now I can go back to playing with Ribbon, glitter and pretty things! Talking of which, I thought I'd share a couple of cards with you today that definitely fit into that category ...

First up there's this cute forever friends bear with his special bunch of flowers for Nanny! See look! There's ribbon and glitter and pretty flowers ... definitely my favourite kind of cards! 

Then there's this one for the same lady but this time from her Great Grandson. This will be her first birthday card since becoming a Great Nanny, so we knew it had to be extra special. Hopefully she'll think it is. 

Little x

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... All Finished

I've finally finished all of the Fathers Day card orders, so I thought I'd share some of them with you today. As always, there's some I can't show you as the recipients may just be able to see me posting these! But these are the ones whose recipients don't know ...

First up there's the Grandad Fathers day card. As you can see Mum's made the tie to match the backing paper.

Then there's the Dad card for the same person ... a classic!

This is the first of the three Daddy cards for the next recipient.

On the first card you get a little bit of a glimpse at the tyre paper which has again been used on this one with an extra sentiment ... 

There's a reason for all the wheels, but I can't show you why just yet!

Completing the set is this mutlicoloured card with Tatty holding the wheels that spell Daddy.

A special Reading FC themed card for the Reading loving Dad

This one's for my Dad! (again please don't tell him!) ... anyone that knows my Dad will know he has a tash, so I couldn't resist using it to decorate this card... What you might not know about him though is that he has a rather annoying habit of "faffing" about when he doesn't need to be doing anything!! Ooo and of course the little bear needed a tash too!! 

Another card for my Dad, this time from Crusty. She loves the stitching side of card making, but when it comes to adding the stitched images to the cards she gets a little bit daunted. So Mum's added some road map paper and papers to match the colours of the stitching to complete her project.

This last card is for our Grandad. Another variation of the card above complete with road map paper!

Little x

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Chicken!

 Nope, I'm not to show you  a card featuring a chicken, nor am I going to show you a felt chicken! Today's post title actually has nothing to do with the project I'm going to show you! So then, why the chicken? Well, today Mum, Lady and I went on a bit of an outing to a garden centre ... I know! Not quite a rock and roll lifestyle! Anyway, whilst we were at the garden centre looking for some pretty flowers for Lady's garden we came across a loose chicken! ... and Ooo yes he was real! He was quite happily just roaming around the garden centre pecking away at the plants!! All I can say is I'm glad I had my trainers and not my flip flops or he'd probably have pecked my toes off! (Yes Lady my Maggot toes!! ... she says they're so tiny they look like maggots!!).

Back to today's post then .... Remember yesterday I was telling you how Mum was busy playing around with towels, candles and chocolates? She was busy making yet another pampers cake ... her 3rd this week and she's still got two more to do!! Whilst I'd love to show you them all, there's actually only one I can share with you today as the rest are all yet to be delivered to their recipients!

This time she's added a few felt flowers to the front for added decoration, but nope she still won't let me have any of it!! 

Little x