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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Last Day!

Well I can't quite believe it, but today marks the end of my posting challenge. I've completed one post per day for a whole month. If I'm honest I thought I'd find it all a bit of a struggle, especially when it came to finding things to post about ... but I guess the chatterbox in me took over and I just ended up writing the way I was thinking ... which is why the posts have probably seemed a bit strange at times!! Even though this may be the last post of my challenge, it certainly won't end here. I'm going to try my best to keep posting as much as I can as I've actually rather enjoyed it.

Onto today's project then?? Well, I'm going to share another pamper cake with you today ... This was made for Debbie's birthday on the 7th of June. I would love to have shown you back then, but as she didn't get given the gift until yesterday, it would have been a bit rude to show you first!!

We've made quite a few of the pamper cakes now, so they're getting easier to make ... or so we thought until this week!! We were asked to make this one extra special using specific items chosen by the person giving it. Usually the cakes include two tiers made of towels and the rest is added for decoration. The two tiers are made to a specific size, but as this one included much larger items than usual we had to adjust just about everything to fit it all in!! Thankfully it worked out in the end! I actually love this colour combination ... the lime and purple sit so well together. We even made an extra special wine bottle label and covered the chocolates to make it all match together.

This one is definitely my favourite so far and hopefully Debbie loved it too.

Little x

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