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Monday, June 11, 2012

Reading Congratulations!

Ok, so I know I only shared a pamper cake with you yesterday ... but I have another one to share today! This one though was really special. Bryony wanted a special wedding present for a couple who'd been married in Jamaica back in May, but were having their reception back here on Saturday. The theme for their wedding was Reading Football Club colours which are blue and white. I honestly feel like I've been on Reading FC overload this past week with all the cards and gifts that have all been made for that theme!

Anyway, Bryony wasn't sure what to get so asked for our help. After a few suggestions and a lot of "what ifs" and "Ooo lets add that too" we decided on this ...

A Large pamper cake with a blue and white theme!! There's a few extra touches to this one too. First up  ... there's two champagne flutes which we managed to fill with blue and white sweets!! As the couple had already married we couldn't add an "on your wedding day" message ... but there was a "Reading FC" theme so we added this to the wine bottle cover ... 

I played about with the Reading FC logo, making it say "Reading congratulations" which is of course a play on "wedding congratulations"!! Plus where the logo usually says est. 1871 I changed it to say est. 2012 ... quite clever I think (but then I did it so I would think that!!!).

The last little extra in the pamper cake was the personalised candle you can see sitting at the very top. What you can't quite see though is that it also matches their wedding card ... 

The couples names and their wedding date were also added for just that special touch. 

Hope they loved them all Bryony!

Little x

1 comment:

  1. I really do like that hamper. It’s very clever oh and the candle. I would like to make something like that for myself its looks shop bought. You must be proud of your work.