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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... bestest bud

Morning everybody please bear with today as me (mum) is having  to do the blog .Can't get away with it any longer Little has left me to do it all on my own but I am sure she will check my spelling ....

The first picture this morning is one card I did for my bestest bud's birthday .just a small card but with a magnet on as we are all getting old and thought it would make her laugh.

The next card i found this saying and changed just a bit because when we go out to dinner you just don't come back with a full stomach but your ribs hurt from laughing soooooo much and your checks are just the same.

This it the saying but did change it a bit. hope it made her laugh when she opened it

This card is just because Jackie is always there when you need her and never has a bad thing to say about anybody, which is why I love her.

This is what the saying is on the card ,which is Jackie to a tee.
This one is because if you remember we made a card for her daughter in law that went to Canada it is made in the same way, but again had to make for Jackie just because she is so lovely.

Then we go on to her presents well one day on facebook she said that she had eaten a whole jar of chocolate spread so guess what's in the box. Hope you liked it Jackie but just remember don't eat it all at once.

Then her last present well not really but the rest are surprises for her to open. I found this shopper bag and throught to use it as the gift bag.Which I filled with coffee, chocolate bars, mints and chewing gum and also some sweetener not that Jackie needs it as she is already sweet enough there is also a bottle of wine in there for her to toast her birthday..Enough of my gushing about my best bud just to say hope you have a wonderful day......Love you lots x x x

thanks, now off for a good strong tea now that i have done my blog

Mum x

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