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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Wheely Good Idea?

A while back, we decided to try something new. We were looking for a new way of meeting our customers and explaining exactly what we're all about. The problem we have with our projects, is that a photo doesn't always show them in the best way. Without sounding too arrogant, you just can't see how good they are from a photograph. Seeing them up close is always better. Getting the chance to show them off can be an issue when you don't have a store. We thought a fun way of introducing ourselves and our products to people would be to hold some home parties. The idea is we bring a range of our products to your home for you and the friends you invite to see and maybe purchase. We provide a few party games and a bit of entertainment whilst you provide any food/drinks and the guests!! It turned out to be a good idea. It meant we could not only show off our products, but also generate a few new ideas for gifts that were individual to the person ordering them. The only problem was, those ideas caused a few more issues than we'd expected!!

It all started when Kelly decided to order a pamper cake for her partner Lewis. He's a bit of a car enthusiast and loves a specific brand of car cleaning products. Kelly wanted to the cake to include some of the car products such as pots of wax and bottles of shampoo... not a problem right?? ... well actually no, if we'd stuck to making a cake with the products in it would have been fine ... but that would have been too easy wouldn't it?? ... yep so big mouth me decided to suggest changing the two tier cake idea into a tyre instead!! ... That's where it all began!!

Last week Kelly gave us the car products she wanted putting in the tyre along with a list of a few extra goodies. We gathered the rest of the items we'd need and got to work. About 4 hours later, after a lot of "aarrggghh's", "it won't stay up's" and a few tantrums followed by a fair bit of working in silence ... we finally managed to get it to look like this!! .....

It's not the best of pictures, as it was difficult to get it all to stay standing whilst it hadn't been cellowrapped! Hopefully you get the fact it's a tyre though. Once it was finished I sent this picture to Kelly, who thankfully seemed pleased with it ... good job too, as Mum had said she was going to slap her if she said she didn't like it!! (obviously she was joking ... I think!!). 

The tyre will be added to the three little Fathers day cars I've previously shown you that all include tyres on them. Hopefully Lewis loves it as it will definitely be a one off! ... Mum's refused to do any more tyres!! 

Kelly also ordered a much simpler fathers day gift for her own Dad ...

A double tiered cake is definitely much simpler than a tyre! This one is filled with his favourite things ... John Smiths beer and retro sweets!

and of course the card had to match the gift too! 

Hope they both love them Kelly. 

Little x

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