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Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... All Finished

I've finally finished all of the Fathers Day card orders, so I thought I'd share some of them with you today. As always, there's some I can't show you as the recipients may just be able to see me posting these! But these are the ones whose recipients don't know ...

First up there's the Grandad Fathers day card. As you can see Mum's made the tie to match the backing paper.

Then there's the Dad card for the same person ... a classic!

This is the first of the three Daddy cards for the next recipient.

On the first card you get a little bit of a glimpse at the tyre paper which has again been used on this one with an extra sentiment ... 

There's a reason for all the wheels, but I can't show you why just yet!

Completing the set is this mutlicoloured card with Tatty holding the wheels that spell Daddy.

A special Reading FC themed card for the Reading loving Dad

This one's for my Dad! (again please don't tell him!) ... anyone that knows my Dad will know he has a tash, so I couldn't resist using it to decorate this card... What you might not know about him though is that he has a rather annoying habit of "faffing" about when he doesn't need to be doing anything!! Ooo and of course the little bear needed a tash too!! 

Another card for my Dad, this time from Crusty. She loves the stitching side of card making, but when it comes to adding the stitched images to the cards she gets a little bit daunted. So Mum's added some road map paper and papers to match the colours of the stitching to complete her project.

This last card is for our Grandad. Another variation of the card above complete with road map paper!

Little x

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