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Friday, June 22, 2012

Felt Friday 2

First up, apologies for the lack of posts this week, we've all been busy creating lots of projects for a new challenge over at Crafty Ribbons. Again I can't show you any of those creations until Ali posts them up, but in the meantime I can tell you our projects include, some rings, a cherry topped item, something you might wear and an explosion!!

On to today's post then ... Today's week two in our Felt Friday line up, so I've got some more felt creations to share, but first I need to explain!!! A while ago I decided I'd try my hand at this gardening malarkey!! I've never really been all that interested in digging about in the dirt (there's bugs in there) and I'm certainly not a fan of bees and wasps (I scream like a girl!!). But as I was planning to spend the majority of my summer outside in the garden in the sunshine (not that there's been much sun so far!!) I thought I'd try and grow a few things to make our garden look pretty along with the odd vegetable or two. I started it all off by growing a few pumpkins, which then led to some beetroot, swede and lettuce ... well I was nothing if not ambitious!! Once I'd had a little success ... and by success I mean I'd got them all to the seedling stage ... I aimed even higher. In fact I decided to set up a challenge amongst the four of us to see who could grow the largest sunflower.

It all started so well, but a couple of months on it hasn't quite worked out. My pumpkins are yet to grow anything but a few flowers that last for just a day, my lettuce got eaten by slugs and snails within a week of introducing it into the garden. I'm still hoping my beetroot and swede will amount to something, but to be honest they've not even got any leaves left so I'm doubtful! Then there's my sunflowers ... which after growing to the dizzying height of about 31inches have pretty much all been eaten by slugs and snails. I've slowly come to realise I don't like gardening all that much and I definitely have a dislike for slugs and snails!! Not that it's all doom and gloom though ... Lady has managed to grow her sunflower to over 50inches in her courtyard ... I think she definitely wins that challenge!!

Anyway, I can hear you all asking what my gardening has to do with todays post? Well, seeing as I haven't had much success in growing the plants (I blame the weather!) Mum decided to cheer me up by making these .... 

rather beautiful felt poppy's! They're certainly cheering up the rather dull looking garden!! 

Little x

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