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Friday, June 1, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Jubilee

Remember how I told you I had some special projects with you yesterday that just couldn't be shared until today?? Well today I can show them to you, but first I'll show you a few things we made a while back to go with our jubilee collection. Ali over at crafty ribbons has been showcasing our projects alongside her own during their jubilee crafters event. Tomorrow is the last day of the event so I'm sure I won't be spoiling any surprises by showing you them now!!

First up we have some little smelly hearts!! ...

They really are smelly too ... they're stuffed with lavender so are ideal little drawer/wardrobe hangers to keep your clothes smelling fresh! As you can see, just like me, tatty can't decide which one he prefers best!

There's the queen of hearts triple hanger...

Or the single heart. I think Mum's just made them too pretty to choose!

Once Mum had made the smelly hearts, her next idea was to make extra little hearts to attach to teddy bears that can be given as gifts. So ... 

Cute huh? These bears tell a little bit of a story though. You see, all of those bears are actually mine. Mum knew what she wanted to do, but we had no other bears to play with. So we used mine, but she didn't want to stitch the hearts on permanently, so she just pinned them temporarily for display. The problem was one of the bears just didn't want to play and instead got a bit violent ... 

See how the little bear with the blue heart on the left has let go of the heart?? Well, is it just me or does he look like he's about to stab tatty next to him? Ooo and of course tatty in the centre has a bit of a petrified look about him!! ... just me?? Ooo well, it made me chuckle!! 

Last up from our jubilee collection were these ... 

Yummy chocolate heart lolly's for the queen of hearts! Of course being for the jubilee they had to have red, white and blue flowers on too, just for extra prettiness! 

Anyone want to guess what's inside the chocolate?? Are they cake pops?? Nope, they're marzipan hearts dipped in chocolate ... mmm mmm yummy!! We'll definitely be making those again! 

So if all of these have been seen before, then why couldn't we share today's post until today? Yep I really could hear you thinking that! Well, that'll be because we hadn't yet given away two very special cards ... 

This card was for Lady! Nope, it's not her birthday. But what the heck, any excuse to give a card! So this was a special jubilee card to wish her a happy weekend! 

Of course the problem is once you give one card, you have to give more! 

So this card is for Mum's best friend Jackie. As the card it self says, she really is a first class friend! 

Hope you all have a fab jubilee weekend however you celebrate.

Little x

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