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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Chicken!

 Nope, I'm not to show you  a card featuring a chicken, nor am I going to show you a felt chicken! Today's post title actually has nothing to do with the project I'm going to show you! So then, why the chicken? Well, today Mum, Lady and I went on a bit of an outing to a garden centre ... I know! Not quite a rock and roll lifestyle! Anyway, whilst we were at the garden centre looking for some pretty flowers for Lady's garden we came across a loose chicken! ... and Ooo yes he was real! He was quite happily just roaming around the garden centre pecking away at the plants!! All I can say is I'm glad I had my trainers and not my flip flops or he'd probably have pecked my toes off! (Yes Lady my Maggot toes!! ... she says they're so tiny they look like maggots!!).

Back to today's post then .... Remember yesterday I was telling you how Mum was busy playing around with towels, candles and chocolates? She was busy making yet another pampers cake ... her 3rd this week and she's still got two more to do!! Whilst I'd love to show you them all, there's actually only one I can share with you today as the rest are all yet to be delivered to their recipients!

This time she's added a few felt flowers to the front for added decoration, but nope she still won't let me have any of it!! 

Little x

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