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Monday, June 25, 2012

1st Anniversary

A while ago we were asked to make a first wedding anniversary card for Jackie's Daughter and Son-In-Law. To me a first anniversary is special, so I ummed and aahed over what to do for quite some time. I sat staring at the screen for hours and I even kept putting it off! I didn't quite know how to make it special enough. Until that is I came up with an idea. So after asking Jackie a few questions about their wedding day I came up with this ...

Explanation? Well, as you can see I've used one of their wedding photos as the main focus of the card. What you can't quite see though and won't know unless you're them or were there is that all of those words you can see that surround the photo are the lyrics to the song they had their first dance to.

Ooo and just so it's extra special, the colour of the card is burgundy just as their wedding colour theme was!

I know when Mum showed Jackie the card (a very long time ago now) Jackie was thrilled with it, so we can only hope Angie and Paul were too. 

Happy 1st Anniversary from all of us.
Little x

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