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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Camper Vans, Beer and Moustaches!

I've found myself a bit behind with these posts again, so I'm going to share a few things with you today that I should have shared before, but couldn't! First up, there's the last of the Fathers Day cards ...

Yep that's right, camper vans again! Mum made all three of those cards for Ed, who as I've previously mentioned is a lover of the camper van! It gets harder and harder each time to find more images of camper vans that haven't yet been used, but we've got almost a year now until he'll be getting another card, so there's plenty of time!!

I shared a lot of my creations for our Dad before Fathers day, but there was this one last thing that I didn't show you ... 

I know it's supposed to be a beer bucket, but as Dad's more of a lager drinker it ended up being filled with a few of his favourite things instead ... he even got it just in time to be able to enjoy his lager whilst watching the football!! Ooo and before I forget, to add to his moustache themed cards and gifts I also made him this ... 

Don't worry it's not a box filled with moustaches! It's just playing home to a couple of bags of M&M's!!

Little x

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