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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... 3 flowers

Today's post was supposed to come from Crusty, but thing's have gotten a little bit hectic here at craft towers so I'm afraid you're stuck with me again! Crusty was going to show you all some of her cupcakes she had to make for a little girl's 3rd birthday party this afternoon, so I'll try my best try and explain what I hope she was going to!

A while ago Crusty had invited her very good friend  Bronwyn into her kitchen for a lesson in cupcake baking! They had all of Crusty's recipe books out, every tool for decorating and had taken up every surface in the kitchen. When it came to deciding on the colours of the icing, Bronwyn was like a child in a sweety shop ... she wanted them all ... and glitter!! Crusty the made a suggestion that had Bronwyn bouncing off the walls with excitement!! So with a bit of food colouring and a lot of mess, they made these ....

See, I told you Bronwyn wanted every colour! I can assure you they were even brighter in the flesh too. So that's the outside, what does the inside look like? Well ... 

I'm not quite sure how, but the inside was even more colourful than the out! 

After making these colourful cupcakes, Crusty was asked to make the cakes for the 3rd birthday party. The little girl's favourite colour is purple, so the original plan was to make purple cakes with white icing and purple decorations. Crusty made up a tester batch of purple cakes a couple of weeks before to check they'd work. They did turn out to be purple, but the top of the cake where it was baked seemed to turn a funny shade of grey ... I guess with baking there's never a certainty. I personally think they would have been ok, but Crusty really wasn't happy with how they looked. So with an alteration to the plans, she made these ... 

Purple cake cases with purple and lilac decorations. Pretty little cupcakes for Aaliyah's 3rd birthday party. They've already been collected and by all accounts everyone was happy with them, so I'm sure Crusty is too! 

Little x

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