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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Hearts A Plenty

Evening All!

Years ago Mum used to cross stitch, but since she now struggles with the grip in her hands she's unable to cross stitch for too long without it being rather painful ... so she's taken up felting instead. As you've seen in a previous post, she's made all kinds of things. So far she's mainly been making flowers and decorations, but today she's been stitching hearts .... not just any old hearts though!! Ooo no, whilst out shopping at the weekend Mum found some union jack buttons, so today she's made these ... 

They're little heart brooches that we think are ideal for the upcoming jubilee ... Ooo and instead of sticking to the traditional red, white and blue they're multi-coloured, so if like Lady your favourite colour is pink then you can have a pink jubilee heart brooch ... I've already called dibs on the red, white and blue one though!!... Anyone spot the ones in the top left corner??  I almost didn't see them, but it looks like Mum's snuck in a couple of extra hearts too. Those green and magenta ones have breast cancer pins in them ... cute  aren't they?

Now then, Mum, Lady and myself are all members of a crafting webiste called docrafts. Over on the site they're running a monthly challenge blog in which you post a blog with a specific topic that they've chosen each day. 
Today's topic is "guilty pleasures" ... 

I've thought long and hard about it and decided that as a whole group, all of us here at craft towers (and Lady too) have a very very bad guilty pleasure. 

In fact it's so bad you could probably call it an obsession!! 

None of us can walk passed a store that's selling it ... 

none of us can go to a different town without hunting it down ...

we're all guilty of buying too much of it ... 

Ooo and secretly I'm sure we'd all like to roll around in it!! ... 

So what is it?? 

Well it's probably best that I show you ... 

Yep ... RIBBON is our guilty pleasure!! To tell you the truth that picture isn't even half the stash that just Mum and I own ... there's still the other half, then you'd have to add in Crusty's and of course Lady's too!! But last time I snuck into Lady's ribbon drawer she caught me and made me put it all back ... there were tears for hours!! 

Aaahh now who added this picture?? Well umm see that's just the polka dot ribbons I have ... but honestly I really do need them, and yes I need more because I don't have the colour I need ... What colour's that?? Well, if you don't stare at the picture ... in fact don't look ... I don't have any pink polka dot ribbon!!!! Honest!!! 

Ok, then I'm guilty of owning too much ribbon, but then again the word "guilty" can also be a cause for celebration!! ... so now I'm off to put all the ribbons I honestly don't have back into storage!! 

Night everyone
Little x


  1. You have some gorgeous ribbons much to do and never enough crafty ribbon:)

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  2. Wow lots of ribbon there, but I guess you can never have to much when crafting xx

  3. Hi Lady here :0)
    Its all lies i do not have any ribbon !!!!
    Honest ;)

    1. Ooo Lady you fibber!! Then again if you don't have any wibbon then you won't mind me stealing it on Saturday!!! xxx

  4. I'm loving the colours. You can never have too much it's got to have it just in case! lol!