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Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Mint!

Mum and I have a bit of a trip down memory lane today. When I was little, (well littler than I am now!) I remember having so much fun at my primary school summer fetes. As I was part of a majorettes group I was also quite often part of the entertainment! ... NO Mum you will not be showing those photos ... trust me when I say they're awful!! Summer fetes meant lots of things to do. There were always the games to play like catch the rat (not a real one though as that'd be pretty horrific!), find the sweets amongst the flour, a coconut shy, wellie throwing and lots more I can hardly remember. There were the fun races like the three legged race or my personal favourite the egg and spoon race! More importantly though it was about being able to spend the day in the sunshine with your friends, parents and teachers and have a giggle.

So any guesses where we were today? Yep, at a primary school jubilee fete! Things have changed a bit since I was at primary school, but the old favourites have hung about! There was even an egg and spoon race, which of course was won by the child who'd figured out that holding the egg to the spoon and running was the best option!! We had a really good day enjoying the sunshine and watching everyone enjoy themselves. We were of course there with some of our goodies to sell. Being able to see peoples faces as they look at the things you've made and comment on how lovely they are is always a pleasure! One of our best sellers today was one of our Fathers Day type products. I wasn't going to post them up through fear of my own Dad seeing them too early, but I'm giving in, so here goes ...

It's our "My Dad's Mint" range! I was surprised by how many people found the play on words as funny as we do. People were commenting on how clever they thought we were ... ok I know if they knew us better they'd never have said that, but I'm still claiming that I'm clever!! 

There's the little bag of mints on the right hand side. Behind them on the left and slightly hidden is a glass filled with mints with a lollipop and a "My Dad's Mint!" sign... one of the ladies that brought a glass set said her Husband can eat the mints and will still have a nice whiskey glass!! With the size of that glass he'll probably fit a quarter of a bottle in there!! haha! 

This is one of my Dad's cards ... so again please don't tell him! When I came up with the idea I was just throwing about some saying until I said "My Dad's Mint" to which my Dad said "thanks"!! He wasn't too impressed when I said I didn't say it to him!! He'd seen the glass gift already which means I can't give him that for Fathers day. So I decided to add the saying along with a mint to his card ... hopefully it'll make up for saying I didn't mean him! 

The best quote of the day by far though has to go to a little girl who visited our stand with her Mum. The Mum was prompting her to buy one of our lolly mug sets for her cousin but not tell her Aunty. The little girl said "yeah yeah this one for him and these two for me"!!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

Little x

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