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Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello, how are you all? I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I thought I'd surprise everyone and make an early post today to report on a bit of a problem I've uncovered... you see late last night (and by late I mean after 10pm!) Mum was still sat on the sofa stitching away. Having just finished typing yesterday's blog post I decided to put the kettle on. I went to the kitchen, made the tea and carried it to the lounge to sit with Mum.

This was when my problem began. You see, as I sat there jibber jabbering on about something or nothing Mum decided she was far too busy stitching to listen to me!! I even pointed out to her she wasn't listening, which was when she apologised for not listening and told me to continue chatting. But she bloomin did it again!! I asked a question twice and the answer I got back twice was this ... "do they look too pale?" ... Ooo yep once again she wasn't listening!! So I've now become an orphan and all because of felt!! Ok, I'll admit being an orphan might be a bit of an exaggeration, but when you get more sense out of the cat than you do your Mum you realise something's wrong!!

I will admit though that becoming an orphan to felt might actually not be so bad! Especially when you get pretty things like this ...

Cute isn't he? It's a cupcake keyring made from felt all hand stitched by Mum for Crusty...purple's her favourite colour!

and this one is mine, because teal/turquoise is my favourite colour ...

this one it Lady's .... guess what? Ooo yep, pink's her favourite colour!! 

Aaah see Mum had to be different! She's stitched herself a little turtle or tortoise (not sure what the difference is! and he's green as it's Mum's favourite colour...

Then  there's this little cupcake family! I'm not quite so sure about the little ones ... the one at the bottom left of the picture looks a little bit angry to me whilst the one top right looks like a zombie hahaha! These aren't keyrings. They've got a much more important role to play which I'm sure at some point I'll share with you, but for now I'll leave you guessing!! 

and last of all there's ...

yep, another addition to the Hello Kitty range! I'm sure this one will make it's way to little Ellie rather quickly, then again she might just have to wait til her birthday! 

If anyone would like one of these little keyrings, feel free to let us know.

Little x


  1. Ooh your Mum is clever - that's where you get yours, then? Love the cupcakes. The one you said looked like a zombie looked oriental to me. Now I really need to read all of your blog to find out who all these names are...

    1. Lol Alice I hadn't thought of it being oriental but now you've mentioned it, it really does! If you click on the "who are we?" link at the top of the page, it'll explain a little bit about all of us!

      Thanks for visiting x

  2. love your bags, i make bags as well once i start them i have to keep making then xx

  3. Love them all clever mum. Chris xx

  4. wow these are super, loving the cupcakes.

  5. These are amazing, I especially love the turtle!
    Becky x

  6. These are so sweet, love them
    Lindsay xx