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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Day 1

It seems I've not been paying much attention to making posts recently ... I think I've been far too busy making all kinds of creations that I've almost forgotten the internet exists!! So I've decided to get back to it ... and what better way than to set myself a challenge!! Yep, as of today May 10th I'm going to make a post a day for a whole month!! Apologies now if I bore you all to death!!

So then, what's been keeping me so busy?? Well back at the start of April I decided I was going to get ahead on all the orders we have for the year so far. The idea is if we can get ahead on the everyday orders then we'll have plenty of time to make Christmas creations gradually throughout the year rather than be swamped with things to make at the end of the year!! Plus if the sunshine does arrive (although right now it seems unlikely!) we'll also get some time to get out there and enjoy it all!! The only problem I've found with being so far ahead is that I've got far too many things I'm dying to share but can't... people really need to have birthdays earlier hahaha!! Being unable to share things has left me feeling a little confused as to what I can post up and when, so I guess I've just kind of forgotten to post things all together!!

As of today though I'm going to change all that. I should probably tell you now that these posts will probably seem a little higgledy piggledy as I'm starting my challenge with a birthday card that was given today, even though I've got some projects from previous dates still to show you ... bear with me though as I'm sure by the end I'll start making sense!!

So today's post as I said is a birthday card that was given today...

A jubilee inspired card with a garden party theme for a tatty teddy fan ... personally I think it's cute but then I'm probably a little bit biased!! Happy Birthday Louise ... hope you enjoy your time away x

In other news today ... Mum's pink bag with felt flowers creation was entered into the crafty ribbons blog challenge this weekend and guess what?? Ooo yep she was chosen as one of the top three entries ... congrats Mum xxx You can check out her winning post here and all the other entries here. We'll now get to display a very special badge on this blog all thanks to Mum ... so proud.

Well, I guess that's all from me today ... I'll be back tomorrow with another creation to share with you all.

Little xx

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