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Monday, May 14, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Flowers

Since I got made redundant almost a year ago now, crafting has well and truly taken over my life. I now quite happily spend the majority of my days pottering about making something or another. For the past 6 months I've also been lucky enough to have Mum at home with me almost every day. One person at home making things can cause quite a lot of craft mess, but two people ... well that's just total chaos!! Mum and I have taken over the kitchen with all of our crafting, in fact there's no longer a kitchen table ... it's a craft table now!! 

Today's been a typical day in our craft world. I've been sat one end of the craft (kitchen) table, whilst Mum has sat the other end. We've both been busy making various projects, almost all of which I can't yet share with you (sorry about that!). Every now and again we'll ask the one another for a bit of help ... it'll be a "does this look right?" or "what can I put with this?". We both sort of feed of off one another with ideas ... I'll start something and get stuck and then Mum will come along with the answer to how to finish it or vice versa! I'm sure some day soon the day will come when one or both of us go back to working full-time, but in the meantime I'm loving being able to spend so much time with my Mum doing something we both love. It's a real privilege to have this time ... even though at times she gets a little annoying (mainly when she's pretending to listen but you know she's not!!) I wouldn't change her for anything! Love you Mother xxx 

Now then, I know I said I couldn't share most of the projects we made today with you just yet (I'll get to them soon I promise), but there is one that I can share ... 

Over on the Crafty Ribbons Challenge blog they've set a new challenge. This time round the theme is flowers. A few days ago whilst looking online for something else I came across a quote I thought would be nice to add to a card at some point. So when the theme was set to flowers I knew exactly what I wanted to use!! The quote in question was "If I had a flower for everytime you've made me laugh or smile I'd have a garden to walk in forever" and as you can see I've added it amongst the flowers on the card ... 

So what do you think?? I don't know what it was about last week, but it seems everything started to align to make this card. For starters I received a new copy of a magazine that included some very vintage looking backing papers that just seemed to be perfect to match the image I'd chosen from the docrafts Country Companions DVDrom. Then we were sent a very very parcel from a very naughty craft angel that included some beautiful floral ribbons along with the flower shaped buttons you can see on the card ... unfortunately the ribbons didn't match this project, but I've got something else in mind for them!! Everything seemed to fit together too easily ... it was as if the card was supposed to be made!! I'll admit this card is very different to my usual projects, for starters it doesn't have a polka dot in sight! Plus the colours are not what I'd have normally chosen. Despite that though, I really like it ... maybe I'll have to challenge myself a bit more often ... then again I think I'd miss my polka dots too much!! 

Hope you like it.
Little x


  1. Love the card, especially the quote! Thanks for posting on my blog.

  2. Thank you so much for posting your blog for us all to see. I love the card you have made, and how you have shared what your day is like. It must be lovely to play alongside your mother.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

    1. It really is a privilege to be able to craft with her Annie. Thank you for your kind comments x

  3. Beautiful card,Thankyou for joining us at CRAFTY RIBBONS.
    Trish (-: