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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Aloha!

I'm sure I don't have to tell anyone just how hot and sunny it's been here over the past week. Doing anything whilst the weather is so beautiful is pretty impossible, but crafting whilst staring out at the sunshine? Well actually that didn't happen!! Nope, instead I've spent the week outside in the sunshine. So much so that I'm now feeling a little bit too frazzled! It's a very good job we have a group business meeting booked in for tomorrow or I'd probably be far too tempted to spend another day in the garden! 

With the weather so good, and with not much crafting happening this week (apart from things I can't yet share) I thought I'd show you something suitable for this weather ... 

These cupcakes were made almost a year ago by both Crusty and I. They were made for my old work colleagues on their last day at work. As I've previously mentioned, I got made redundant from my last job. For me a job will always be work, but the people you work with are the ones that make your job worthwhile. As a team of work colleagues we had various sayings and things that made us giggle. One of those things was "Aloha"! I can't really remember how it started but it became something we'd all say. So when it came to decorating the cupcakes for the last day I knew exactly what I wanted. 

I can not bake a thing ... unless snapable biscuits count! Crusty on the other hand is a dab hand at making the odd cake or two. She's tried so many different flavours and colours, but I still think these are my favourites. I'm not sure if it's because I helped make them, or what they remind me of. Whatever it is they always make me smile. That's not to say they didn't make me angry at the time ... you see those little flowers on the cakes? The one's that make the lei's? Need a closer look? ...  

Uhuh, those ones! Every single one of those little flowers was cut out of the icing , given a centre hole and then threaded by me ... there's well over two hundred of them too! They were more than annoying at times as quite a few of them decided to break meaning I had to make more. Still, I think they were worth all the hassle don't you? They were certainly worth it when they were eaten too! 

We used our own cupcake recipe, but you can find instructions on how to decorate them  including the toppers here

Little x


  1. Morning all.Well it seems that the sun has gone to the little ones head . It started when we received t shirts in the delivery that had Aloha on them . From that day it became the word of the season . Bless her xxx Lady

  2. I've just been to read who you all are so I'm beginning to sort it out - but now You've confused me by it being a different blogger from the technical one. Is that correct? LOL