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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... 18

I've got three cards to share with you today. They're all for Melissa who celebrates her 18th Birthday today. I can still remember the day that little Mel, came to celebrate Crusty's 16th birthday. In fact, I even have a photo of her and her Sister's that I thought I'd ...... well aren't 18th birthdays supposed to be about the embarassing childhood photos?? So ...

haha Ok, I'm not that mean!! Maybe I should just skip straight to sharing her birthday cards with you ...

Mel's plays football in an all girls team whose team colours are yellow and blue so I couldn't resist using the footballs to spell out Sister. A photo never really tells the complete story though.... some of those footballs are on little acetate springs so it looks as if they're floating and Tatty's kicked them there!

Another photo where you don't really get the full story. The little hedgehog on the left of the picture is dangling from those balloons. He hangs loosely so it looks as if he's flying away with them! If you swing it a little bit, the hedgehog also manages to land the little present on the top of the stack the little Mouse is carrying!!

Lastly there's the Daughter card. What I haven't mentioned until now is that yellow is Mel's favourite colour. So all of her cards always contain yellow. I got a little bit stuck with what to do for her Daughter card, but in the end I went with this. I love the bunting banner. I've also made it so Dad's got the champagne and Mum's got the balloon!!

Hope you've had a fab birthday Mel, although by the looks of the message on facebook you have a hole in your toe? haha the drunken nights begin!

Happy 18th birthday from all of us 
Little x

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