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Friday, May 11, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Day 2

Hello all, me again!! Both of the pictures in today's post are Anniversary cards for a special couple. They actually celebrated their anniversary last weekend, but as I mentioned yesterday, I'm a little bit behind with my posting!!

This first picture is the card that Donna gave her husband Ed

Whilst this second card is for Donna & Ed from their three Daughters

You might have noticed that the second card features Boofle? We've recently added Boofle to the collection of characters we now use with our card making. We can and do of course use any character you require as our cards are tailor made to our customers specifications. When it comes to characters though we do tend to find that Tatty Teddy is the most popular ... which to be perfectly honest are usually the rather expensive cards to buy in the shops. I was actually horrified recently to find an A5 card in one of the card shops was priced at £4.39!! It wasn't even anything particularly special either, it was just a small circular image in the centre of the card with some wavy lines along the side. I honestly couldn't believe it, especially when we only charge £2 for the same sized card which is personalised and individual ... it's not mass produced so when we make the card, you're buying something that no-one else has.  

After buying the Boofle imagery to use, I was feeling a little inquisitive so went back to the same card store to look at the prices of the Boofle cards. To say I was horrified was a bit of an understatement. With the price we pay for the imagery use it's quite frankly disgusting that the card stores can charge so much for such a basic image. The Boofle card in question was simply a  large Boofle printed onto a piece of card with no background so the shape of the card was Boofle ... that cost £1.89!!! To purchase something along the lines of the Boofle card above would be £5+ ... whilst yet again we charge £2.50 ...either we're charging too little or the card shop is way too overpriced (maybe that's why they're struggling!). I appreciate that the stores have rent, delivery, and staffing costs to pay, but theirs are mass produced to the extent of them probably costing pennies to make. Personally going into a card shop to purchase something that everyone else has  now feels a little cold to me. I'd much prefer a personalised card that I know the person has had some input in it's design rather than the same old thing again and again. I'll also admit there's times where you just need something basic, which is where the card shops do come in handy, so they do still have their uses!! 

Sometimes when making a card the meaning behind them isn't always obvious. Take for example the Boofle card above, you'll have noticed it says Mum & Dad Anniversary ... what isn't so obvious though is there's 3 characters on that card. The couple it was made for have 3 Daughters, therefore the characters represent the three children wishing their Mum & Dad a happy anniversary ... would you be able to find that meaning in a shop brought card so easily?? When making a personalised card you can not only put the not so common names onto them, but also tailor make them to represent who they're from and who they're to. 

The old saying "It's the thought that counts" is definitely true in my opinion!

Little x

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