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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... Lady does Blogging

Hello Lady here . This is my first blog and i am typing with one finger whilst keeping an eye on Little as she is hovering around my ribbon box !! Little has demanded that i do a post which is hard cause i am shy ! (no she's not!!). I am going to share with you some cards that i do for my family and close "special" friends.    

This card was for my Mum for Mothers Day. I crossed stitched the Forever Friends bear and then added papers,flowers and ribbon from my stash (which i still have my eye on) .

This one was for Little for Christmas. The tatty Ted looks so sweet i could not resist doing it . Tatty Ted is my most favorite character to stitch as he is so cute. I usually stitch the face first and then i find myself talking to them as i stitch the rest . Little laughed when i told her that but now she does the same when she is making cards. So we are both as mad as each other . 

My grandma is 90 in July and i have stitched her a very pretty Forever Friends bear . I have not attempted to make the card up yet so that will be my next blog . Need to go now and check the pockets of the Little one as she is looking suspicious and i feel she has been up to no good!!!

Hope you liked my first blog
Lady x 


  1. hello lady
    lovely cards as sure little has been good or don't send her back home.well done you for your first blog,little was standing behind me when i was doing my first blog.tell her she will have to make the tea when she comes home x x x x

    1. Thanks littlesmum . She was standing behind as well (also getting very near to my stash !!!) Will be sending her home and she said she will happily make the tea (all weekend ) xx