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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Month Of Posts ... On A Stick!

Since I started my daily blogging challenge, I've known what today's post would be about. I've known what projects I'd be sharing with you, but it's the wording that's had me a little stumped. You see, today is my eldest friend Suzie's birthday ... not that I mean she's like a hundred or anything. In fact I'd probably have worded better if I'd told you she's the friend I've known the longest!! Anyway I'm rambling now!

Suzie and I met at secondary school when we were just 13. So just 5 years ago now!!! .. Ooo alright then it's a little longer than that!! In fact as I was thinking about it last week I was pretty shocked. You see, Suzie and I have been friends for around 19 years now (making you feel old Suzie?). That's a pretty scary thing when you think about it. I've known her for more than half my life. We've been through a fair bit together over the years and literally been to the other side of the world and back a fair few times. Like any friendship, there are certain things I can say to her that will make her laugh, but will have everyone else confused ... things such as "rubbery cheese" "bag man" "big fish man" and "well!" ... confused? Well Suzie is probably in hysterics!

As I've known Suzie for so long, when it comes to birthdays and christmas I think we're both as bad as one another. We've had everything. We've got everything we need, so to find something new to buy gets more and more complicated as the years go by.... there's only so many handbags you can buy someone!! Last year Suzie made a declaration that it's always warm and sunny on her birthday ... well it was until last year! So I brought her a box of summer goodies that she'd be able to enjoy in the sunshine on her birthday... only problem was last year was the first year in just about forever that it wasn't warm and sunny! In fact last year it rained for weeks after so guess who got the blame!!

I definitely learnt my lesson! I didn't want to be blamed for something else this year, but I needed to come up with something else to do. When I thought about what to do I just kept remembering our holiday together last year. We spent a week in Fuerteventura at the start of September, just to get away from it all. We'd booked all inclusive so didn't have to do anything but lay by the pool and enjoy the sunshine or head to the restaurants to fill ourselves with all the free food! On of the funniest memories I have of that holiday is the day I'd decided I was far too full of food to be able to manage desert. Suzie, having seen that the man sat next to us had chocolate covered fruit skewers looked me straight in the eye and said "but there's stuff on a stick"! Now I'll admit that's probably not all that funny to you, but honestly at that moment I couldn't stop laughing!

So with that in mind, I've given her "stuff on a stick" 

There's not one summery item amongst that set of wrapped gifts either so of course the weather today is beautiful sunshine!! She's also got an extra present to make sure it doesn't rain, but I'm not telling you about that just in case she hasn't opened it yet!! Instead I'll show you the card I've made ... 

a little black cat and one of her favourite colours ... green! 

Hopefully you're having a great day (even if you're at work) Suzie. Happy birthday from all of us, and a special happy birthday from me old friend!

Little x

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