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Monday, October 1, 2012

Almost Lost Nelly!

We've made so many projects recently and had so much going on I seem to have lost a bit of my brain!!! A few weeks ago we were asked to make an elephant birthday card. I chose all my paper pieces...I printed off the image...I decoupaged the elephant...I stuck it all together...I added the flowers...I glittered it all...I added some ribbon...In fact I finished it all...It was pretty (well in my opinion anyway)...I had it all ready for was collected...

But....only after it was collected did I realise that I hadn't taken a photo of it...It's make a take a photo of than bag it up, write a receipt and it's all ready for collection...but this time I failed!!! My brain was so full of "what am I going to make for Christmas" that I completely ignored what I was supposed to have been doing!!! I sat for hours disappointed that I'd lost it...but then it struck me...whilst texting back and forth with Lady I mentioned I was making an elephant card....Ooo and not only that, but I sent her a photo of it!!!! Woohoo!!! 

and here it is!!!

it's not quite the completed card, but at least I didn't quite lose Nelly!!!

Little x

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