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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Little Bit Overdue

No matter how much time you have, you just never seem to have enough do you!!! I seem to have fallen a little bit behind with sharing projects we've made again, so from today I'm back for a whole weeks worth of posts to try and get things a little more up to date....starting with today's projects...

Way back on the 18th September, Lady celebrated her anniversary with Wiggers...or to be a little more accurate, Mel and Mick!!! As always, when it comes to making cards for Lady, it's a little more complicated. As you know she's a fellow crafter, so the pressure is on to make them that extra bit perfect...or at least try!!! I can sit for days/weeks with a blank mind trying to concoct an idea of what to do, until finally at last it'll hit me. For her anniversary, I have a bit of a confession...the layering was actually supposed to have been for Lady's birthday card...but as I couldn't get any pink card to match what I needed (just how many shades of pink can there possibly be!!!) I decided to use it on their anniversary card instead!!!

What do you think??? The moment I put the stitched layers with the inner image, I just knew I had to use them on this...but there was still something missing...I had no ribbon!!! You can't possibly make a card for Lady without breaks the "law of the wibbon"!!! So after a "lightbulb moment" I decided to add the little heart to the tree with their names with the ribbon on top...problem solved!!!

In addition to the ever so important ribbon on her cards, when it comes to making cards for Lady, there's usually one choice of, pink and more pink!!! But when Mum made her anniversary card she had a problem...there were specific images from a kit she really wanted to use, but none of them were pink...she "ummed" and "aaahhed" for hours trying to work out if it was the right thing to do, but eventually after a lot of "yep Mum, it's perfect" from me, she made this ...

Not a single bit of pink in sight...but very very cute. Anyway, how many pink cards can one person have??? (the answer's not 84!!!) Originally, Mum had laid everything out and it looked beautiful, but then I noticed ribbon again...if one card without ribbon breaks the "wibbon law" then what the heck does two cards without ribbon do!?! So, with a bit of shuffling about, Mum added the daisy ribbon which matched perfectly with the little daisy in the bear's hand....but it still looked like something was missing....cue a bit of glue, a lot of gems and even more "Ooo for Christ's sake's" and the little daisy's had red gem centres....perfect!!! 

Even up until the moment Mel had opened her card, Mum was worrying about the missing pink!!! Thankfully though I think Mel loved it, even without the pink!!!

Happy belated anniversary Mick & Mel

Little x

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  1. Just to say thanks for these 2 lovely as usual cards. Sorry you had so much trouble in the choice of these but they are just perfect and we love them . Thanks once again. Lady and Wiggers xxxxxxx