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Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Mere Technicality!!

Apologies for the slight gap in proceedings!! I've been having a few technical issues with this laptop. Thankfully it all appears to be sorted no, so normal service can resume haha!! 

First up I need to share the remaining card from Zoe's set with you ... 

As I mentioned in the previous post, Zoe is a huge lover of tatty teddy, so when her Fiance Chris asked us  to make another card, it was again an obvious choice of topping!! Mum made this one all pretty and girly ...isn't it cute?? Again, Zoe we hope you've had a great birthday weekend!!

Next I have a couple of cards that were made for my Grandad, who's birthday it is today. When it comes to making cards for Grandad it's not all that easy. He's not really into anything in particular and doesn't have a particular sports team that he supports, plus he's not really a big drinker, nor does he have a car...none of the typically male choices really apply. I guess that's why choosing a card from the shops for him was always difficult...what do you get a newspaper reading, crossword puzzling man???

...this of course!! The bear even has a bit of my Grandad's look about him!! Ooo and remember how I told you about my new trick of stitching the cards?? Well, this was one of the first cards I zig zag stitched the edges of...and all by hand...not a sewing machine in sight!! 

When it came to Mum making a card for my Grandad, she too had a troublesome time. She asked Dad what his Father liked or if he had any ideas as to what Mum could put on the card...unfortunately my Dad was as useless as a chocolate teapot!!! So after a bit more thinking from Mum, she came up with the fact my Grandad likes ships....again Mum asked my Dad what sort of ships his Father liked, and eventually they chose an image...

 Mum then matched the colours of the image to the papers for added effect...not bad for a ship card huh?? hahaha!! 

Hope you've had a lovely birthday Grandad 

Little x

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