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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

At Jodie's Request

Today I have some projects to show you that were all made for Zoe. It's actually her birthday today...hope you're having a great day!! The projects that we've made though were requested by her fiance Chris and her Daughter Jodie. Jodie knew exactly what she wanted on Zoe's card, but more than that, she also knew she wanted a candle, and exactly what it had to say..."Love you Mummy".

Plus of course, there had to be birthday cake!! Ooo and most important of all, was that the card and the 

candle matched!!

So as requested by Jodie, Mum did exactly  told!! Mum not only made Jodie's card and matching candle...

well she also made another card, but I seem to be having nothing but trouble with my laptop at the moment, so I'll try and show you that card tomorrow.

Hope you've enjoyed your birthday Zoe 

Little x

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