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Saturday, August 25, 2012

30th Birthday Giggles

Nope, it's not my 30th birthday...I had that a few years ago now, and very memorable it was too!! Today though, I have a card we made for Jackie's Daughter Angela's big day. When Jackie ordered the card, she said she wanted it to say happy 30th Birthday and have diet theme...hmm I thought!! I had plenty of time to come up with some ideas, I searched through our library of images, but nothing seemed to be working. Then as I was busy looking for something for a completely different card I stumbled upon the exact inspiration I needed. In fact I'd got so inspired by what I'd found that I designed the card way back in April, even though it wasn't needed until August 6th!!

From the moment I designed the card I was just itching to make it, but I had too many other projects to finish first...don't worry I did sulk a little bit!! Finally in July, I got to make up the card, which turned out like this ....

For those of you that are less familiar with the technicalities, this is called a twisted easel card. It basically gets made in two parts, which are then placed together to make the whole thing. As I needed to give the card both a diet theme and a 30th birthday message, I thought the easel was the perfect fit. 

My whole inspiration for the card came from this little message that I'd found...

I couldn't stop giggling after I'd read it, but leaving just that message on a card would have been a little bland. 

So I added tatty teddy, and surrounded him in pretty cupcakes with flowers 

Followed by tatty sitting on the base wishing Angie a happy 30th birthday, about to enjoy the cupcake having just dumped the diet!!!

I'm so pleased with how this card worked out, and I know Jackie was pleased too.
Hope you had a lovely day Ang

Little x

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