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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A long time waiting ..........

Hi all, Lady here!! It's been a while since anything's been posted in this blog. Little, Mum and Crusty have been busy with settling their Nan into her new home, but I think it's time we get back to posting!! So I'm going to challenge all of us to make a post a day for the next month. I'll even start it all off seeing as I've managed to get away with not posting for too long!! So as I promised ages ago, here's my Nannie's 90th birthday card....

I cross stitched the forever friends bear with the pretty flowers and added him to the card along with some ribbon and button flowers. 

My Nannie's birthday was way back on the 14th July. We threw her a special garden party to celebrate her big day with all her family and friends. Nannie opened my card and cried because she thought it was beautiful. She keeps all of the cards I've made her, but said that she'll "treasure" this one as it's particularly special.

Lady xx

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