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Friday, August 24, 2012

Double The Fun!!

Yep, I'm back again with another post...seeing as Lady challenged us to a new month of posts, I thought I best not disappoint her!! With everything happening, and so much going on, I missed out on showing you something a little bit special that we made way back in July. So, today I finally have the pleasure of sharing these ...

Another pamper cake??? ...well yes it is...but this one has a little friend...

Why??? ... well, because we were asked to make a set. A nappycake as a leaving work gift for a mum to be, but also a pamper cake for Mum to enjoy until in her time off before the new baby arrives!!! We loved the idea of being able to do two gifts, and knew exactly what we wanted to add to them. 

In the pamper cake for Mum, not only did she get a bottle of wine to celebrate the new arrival, but also ...

her very own special "sippy cup" for her to drink it from!!!...Ooo and until the baby arrives, she can enjoy the chocolates and sweeties!!

As the parents to be didn't want to know what sex the baby was, we kept it all neutral in green, white and lemon. Having put the nappycake together with all the bottles, there was still something missing but we couldn't quite figure it until ...

The flannels were made into cute little baby bunny's!!

We really did love making this set, and hope the Mum to be loved it too.

Little x

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