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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcome To Adulthood

A couple of weeks ago we Louise asked us to make an 18th birthday card for her Son. She told us he was a typical boy that liked, football, cars and bikes and asked us to include her favourite character, tatty teddy. With a little more digging I found the information I needed and came up with this ...

Yep, that's tatty holding up a Man U away kit shirt with "Simon 18" on it!! There's a secret to it though... You see, once I'd found the tatty teddy image I had a big matter how much I tried tatty just wouldn't print right...but being the stubborn cow I am, I just wouldn't give up!!...So the secret to the image above, is that tatty's made up of several other tatty's to make him look right...yep I'd definitely lost my mind the evening I made this haha!! I think he turned out ok though...don't you??

The only other thing Louise had requested was an insert...she wanted it to say "you're 18 now Simon, welcome to adulthood", but of course that on it's own would have been a little boring, soooo...

there's even tatty laughing on the inside!! 

Hope he had a great 18th birthday Louise

Little x

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