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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby Bowe

Hi, it's crusty here! Today its my turn to write a post.......this will be fun...... here we go....... Today's post is about what I made for my friend Annie and her boyfriend Danny as they welcomed a new addition to their family on the 10th september. The arrival of their baby boy named Bowe CONGRATULATIONS!!. I should tell you a little about how I know Annie and Danny .....Well, I have known Annie all my life (24years now) we grew up together. We lived right next door to each other for a good amount of years.  From what I can remember from my childhood, we had so much fun together. We used to have parties in the  play park that was right outside our house. We would have bouncy castles, face painting, an ice cream van and even decorated the park too! We also used to have water fights during the summer when the whole street would join in. Myself and Annie went to the same secondary school. Which was the same school that Annie's boyfriend Danny went. Danny was the year above us. Annie and Danny met after we left school, and they also have a beautiful little girl called gracie who has recently turned 5 (happy birthday). So Gracie's now become a big sister to her baby brother Bowe. 

This is the card that I cross stitched. I got Mum to put it onto a card for me as I'm not so confident at putting it all together! ......

Mum also made this cute little nappy cake gift for baby Bowe, complete with little blue bunnies.....

I had my first cuddles with little Bowe yesterday, and can confirm he's as gorgeous as the pictures I'd already seen! 

Congrats to you both again.

Lindsay x

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