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Friday, September 14, 2012

Crusty's Birthday...Next Time I'll Take A Picture!!!

Ok, so I know I was supposed to be on a post a day for a month challenge, but then I had issues with my laptop. Then the issues were fixed...or so I thought!!! Turns out they weren't fixed, so I've been unable to post things properly...BUT now I'm back with plenty of makes to share, so you'll be hearing a heck of a lot from us over the next couple of weeks...I hope you're ready!!!

I'm kicking off the back log with a post that is long fact I think Crusty/Lindsay thinks I've forgotten all about her...I haven't!!! It was her 24th birthday back on the 3rd of September...I still can't quite believe she's 24!!! I can still picture her as a tiny little girl that was obsessed with wearing a multi-coloured pair of pumps everytime she left the house!!! I can still hear her calling our Brother "Ga-Wuff" in stead of Gareth...and I can still recall the countless trips we took to Finkley Down Farm Park that was (and still is) her favourite place!!!

24 she is though, and definitely a lot more expensive than she was when she was younger!!! Crusty's always baking some cake or another around here...not that I'm complaining (especially when I get to eat them)...but what we thought might have just been a phase has now turned into baking almost every week!!! So, seeing as there wasn't much else she wanted and there was no question of it getting over used, we all chipped in a little bit and finally brought her a professional mixer...

Not that she got it on her birthday...nope as soon as it was delivered, it was out of the box and used!!!

Now, I'll be totally honest... Mum and I aren't exactly bakers job's the measuring whilst Mum's a little too impatient and keeps wanting to open the oven to check how everything's getting on...BUT we couldn't ask Crusty to make her own birthday cupcakes could we!?! So, we tried our best and after a few disasters, came up with these ....

I should probably explain... for years, we've all played the "yellow car" game...if you're not familiar with it, it's a game whereby everytime you see a yellow car you get to hit the closest person to you and shout "yellow car"!!! It was probably made up years ago as an excuse to hit everyone, but as I said, it's a game we played as kids. Until recently when it seems to have made a re-appearance which now consists of punches everytime you spot a yellow car, no matter where you are AND if the other person isn't there, then you take a picture of it on your phone (if you're quick enough) and send it to the other person!!! So...Crusty's birthday cakes were the ideal excuse to hit her...and hit her I did!!! 

Ooo and I'll let you in on a bit of a secret...Mum and I made these cakes before Crusty's birthday whilst she was away for the weekend. We set them all out and decorated them, then had to put them away until she came home later in the day. But that caused a see, when it came to trying to put them back together we couldn't get the road to flow right...Mum was certain it was 6cakes wide and 4 cakes tall...turns out it was 5 cakes by 5 cakes!!! Whilst Mum and I were struggling to get it all back together Dad piped up with "didn't you take a picture of them so you'd know how to put it back together?"...NO!!! Lesson learned hahaha!!!

Ok, baking attempts over I'll get on to showing you the projects we're more used to making!!! Starting with the card I made her ...

Yep, yet again I've hand stitched all the edges around the card...but I did it so long ago, that I was sitting out in the garden in the sunshine while I stitched!!! I actually love this much so that I've already requested one of my own for my birthday!!! 

Mum made this one from our Brother...a while back we made this cupcakes paper for another project, so when it came to making a card for Crusty, this paper was an obvious choice!!! Add that to the little mouse carrying the large cake and you've got this card!!! 

Lastly this is the card Mum made for Lindsay from her and Dad. Another card for crusty...another cupcake!!! This one's so cute and girly, I love it.

I'll tease you a little bit here, because there was another card that I made my Sister, but I can't share it with you as there's another copy of it for someone else who's not had their birthday yet...I'll tell you now though, that I am so proud of it, I can't wait to show you all!!! 

So there you go Lobby Lou...I do love you!!!

Little x

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