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Monday, October 22, 2012

Snow Lady!!

Time to share another of our projects that's been featured over on the Crafty Ribbons blog. Today it's Lady/Mel's turn!! As it wasn't me who created this project, I don't really know what to tell's difficult to know the why's/wherefore's when I wasn't there!!! So perhaps I should just show you her project...

As usual, you can see the item in all it's glory on the Crafty Ribbons blog here...or you can check it out here...

Ok, so he's not quite a lady snowman...but he is a snowman made by Lady...see what I did there!?! When Lady showed Mum and I this creation before we sent them all off, I got a little confused. I thought she'd made the snowman out of felt...turn out he's made with cotton wool clever's that!!! So well done that I thought it was genuine felt haha!! Lady's used the ribbons we were sent to create the snowman's hat and scarf...clever huh??

Another thing I'd missed when Lady showed us was how she's punch the snowflakes out of the paper and threaded the ribbon in behind...clever idea me thinks!! 

Lady's even given the little snowman a cheery smiley face...but if you ask me he's got the same sort of look that Lady gets when she's trying to pretend she didn't buy ribbon!!

Little x


  1. Thanks Little for your lovely comments about my snowman card . He is rather cheeky bit like a small person i know !!!!!!! And just for the record or should i say blog "i did not buy ribbon Hahaha
    Lady xx

  2. This is just gorgeous ,love the image and fab