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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More purple...but with green!!

Evening All!! Bit of a late post from me today...I've been busy making even more special projects that I can't tell you about again...but I will someday soon, I promise!! Until then though I'll share a couple of Projects both Mum and I made a few weeks ago...

First up, there's this pamper may remember a while back, we made a similar cake?? Well, this one is again for a friend of Donna's...she'd loved the last one we made, so wanted something similar again. She placed her order...Mum and I got to work buying all the bits and bobs and making everything match...we were all finished and made when Donna suddenly realised she hadn't asked us to make a card...

So having already made the pamper cake in the purples and greens, it was obvious what colours the card needed to be...We've had these backing papers lying about in our stash for quite some time, but never knew what to do with them ...until now!!! Added to tatty carrying the purple present, I think it makes quite an elegant yet cute looking card!!

Plus both the card and gift match!!
 Little x

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