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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just A Card??

A few days ago I shared a couple of "off to university" cards, and today I'm back with more. This time they're both for Bethany. When we're asked to make a card, a lot of time and thought goes into their final look. We do have a library of set images that we can use, but it's not quite as simple as picking a picture and sticking it to card. Nope, we like to know what who/what the card's for so that we can tailor it to the person/event. 

With Bethany's card, we knew she was a fan of tatty teddy and pink. We also knew that although both cards were to be "good luck at uni" cards, one would be from her Sister, and the other her that's the order placed!! ...once we had that, it was a case of looking at the images to try and see what would represent it all best....that's the difficult bit...not having any patterns/step-by-step's all imagination and creativity!!

So with my imagination and creativity, I made ...

this tatty teddy card, personalised with Bethany's name and wishing her good luck...

and this tatty teddy card with the little "you're off to uni" tag...

So that's the two card I made...simple right?? Well, not see to anyone else they're cute tatty teddy cards, but as I made them, I know the reasoning for those images and I hope Bethany does too!!

You see, the way I look at them is the little bear on it's own is Bethany's Sister Becca wishing her good luck at uni ...and the other card?? Well, that's her parent's in the top right wishing her good luck whilst Bethany's got her bag packed at the bottom left and is off to uni!!! Makes sense doesn't it?? So, like I said, they may just seem like cute cards, but as with every project we make, there's a lot of thought, hidden meanings and even more love put into them.

Hope you liked them Bethany

Little x

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