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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kit's 94!!

Today's post contains a very special card made for one of my Nan's new friends...Kit. Last week, Kit reached the amazing age of 94!! How amazing is that??'s me moaning I feel old at (almost) 33 and then there's Kit, so full of life and giggling her socks off at 94!! As Nan hasn't known Kit all that long, we were a little unsure what to put on her card, but after a bit of thought and some investigating, Mum came up with this...

A very special floral card...with two little bears...I'm not sure which one's Nan and which is Kit though haha!! 

Kit even had a little party to celebrate her birthday...there were mini sausage rolls, lots of sandwiches and of course tea and cake...she was centre of attention for the entire day and loved it!!

Little x

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  1. This is gorgeous,love the image....fabulous