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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Little Bit Of Purple!!

Anyone notice I've been missing for the past couple of days?? Well, I've been a busy little elf, making some rather special goodies...but that's not why I've had no time to make some posts for you...Nope, the reason for my Absence is Mum!! You see, she's the big 5 Ooo in a little under a month and I've been trying to make a couple of VERY special things for her...trouble is, how do you make them when she's in the same house?? ...Yep that's been my problem...Mum walks out the door and I rush to my secret hiding place and get back to working on my's all hush hush secret stuff, but the minute it's in her hand I'll share it all with you too!!

So now you know where I've been, am I forgiven?? Haha thanks (I'm hoping you said yes)!! Back to today then...

A couple of weeks ago, Allie asked us to make 4 special cards for her Daughter Zoe's 16th birthday...which is today!! All we knew, is that they needed to be purple, include tatty teddy and be very special!!So here's what we came up with ...

First up, and probably my favourite card I've made in a while is this large Daughter card... when I started looking for things to put together for this card, I found the lilac gingham piece of A4 card and had that lightbulb moment!! You know, the one where you have an image inside your head of what you want to do...usually the final project doesn't work out the same, but this one really did...I know I'm a little bit biased, having made it, but I really do love this card!!

This is the first of the three Sister cards...Mum made this one. You might not be able to see it as the image is a little small, but the backing paper on this one says "happy 16th birthday". Again, once Mum knew Allie wanted purple themed cards, she knew exactly what image she wanted to us...tatty carry the purple present...Ooo and the present's even got a little gift tag with Zoe's name on it too!!

Second on the list of Sister cards, was the tatty flower card which was also made by Mum. Again, she's personalised the backing paper, which reads "happy 16th Sister" with Zoe's name this time added to the flower. The difference between making and buying cards, is that you can personalise every detail of the card, not just the bits a system decides to allow!! 

Lastly, this third Sister card was made by me...I won't tell you the trouble this card in particular caused?? Why?? Well, lets just say it was 11pm, I'd spent the past two days playing with my drawers (that's another story), I hadn't quite figured out what I was doing, and when I did I just kept making silly mistakes!! Thankfully the end result was pretty, but I did worry that it wasn't as purple as the other cards...

Mum and I really loved these the point that we decided that if Allie didn't like them, I was going to hold her down and Mum was going to punch her!! (Sorry Allie)...But it's ok, she loved them!!

Happy Birthday Zoe...hope you've had a fab day and loved your balloons!

Little x

P.s...Allie...Mum says the cake looked so yummy, don't forget her slice!!

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