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Friday, October 12, 2012

Santa or Elf??

I'm a little bit see, for most of the day on Sunday (aside from the loo breaks, countless requests to "put the kettle on" and of course the snack breaks) I sat and made quite a few of the same thing...What were they???


What are they??...Well, they're very special little cards for some very special little people (not me) from a VERY special person!!!

Yes that's right...Santa!! So you see, as I spent most of my day putting them together, I'm not quite sure who I am!!! Am I Santa?? I don't have a beard, or a red suit and I'm certainly not buying hundreds of thousands of presents!!! No, I can't be that must make me an elf then?? ... I am small...I do own stripey socks...I will be making lots of Christmas presents for people...and I have done Santa's work for him!!! Yes...definitely an elf!!!

Ooo and not only do the children on Santa's "Nice" list get a special card, but they also get this...

That's reindeer food, sent directly from Rudolph!! Plus a little candy cane for the child to eat...but just incase the children decide they want to fly too, the reindeer food is edible...they just might get a rather bright red tongue!!!

Elf-Little x

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