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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chez Jackie!!!

Remember way back in May, I shared a very special card with you that was sent all the way to Canada?? Then in July I shared another card that was sent to Canada?? Well, they were both sent to Jackie's Son Rob and Daughter-In-Law Jess who live in Canada....but this week Rob returned home for the first time in over two years...don't worry he brought his Wife too!!!

Jackie was so excited when she found out her Son was coming fact I'm pretty sure that if it was possible for a human to explode with excitement, she would have done just that!!! Jackie instantly set about getting everything ready for their visit ...including repainting!!! But as it was such a special occasion and she was so excited, she asked us to help her out with something a little bit different...the only problem was, she didn't know what!!!!

Originally Jackie asked us to create a couple of special gifts for Rob and Jess to take home with them. However, having found out that Jess had been given a huge list of requests for things to take home and would therefore have no room left in her suitcase, Jackie thought it best to change that idea!!!

So then what??? ...Well, that was a surprise...even for Jackie. Ooo yes, she asked us for our help and our help was what she got!!!

Mum and I decided that although Rob and Jess would be staying with Jackie rather than at a hotel, they would still need the "hotel treatment", so with a bit of imagination, a lot of giggles and some heartfelt thought, we came up with this...

Yep that's right...Rob and Jess will be staying at "Chez Jackie"...the new and exclusive hotel situated right here in Basingstoke and rather handily owned and run by Jackie!!!....why the flip flops??? Well, Jackie loves her flip flops...she even wears them in winter!!! So when I created the brand logo for "Chez Jackie" there was only one choice for the imagery!!! Ooo and what you can't see in this picture, is that inside their welcome folder was a whole heap of leaflets for local places to visit along with some taxi company business cards and some fascinating information all about Basingstoke!!!

Now then, usually when you stay in a hotel, you not only get a welcome pack, but you also get some refreshments too right??? ...

you do at "Chez Jackie" too!!! there are two little boxes, each containing some coffee sachets, tea bags and of course sugar. Only problem is, if they want a tea or coffee they don't have a kettle in their room!!! Well you can't have everything can you!!!

But you can have breakfast....

So long as you order it from "Chef Rob"...Ooo yes, there was no way we were going to have them thinking Jackie would take them breakfast every morning!!! I can tell you, Mum and I had so much fun making this menu and thinking up all the names of the personal favourite is "Baps Out"...makes me chuckle every time!!! 

Most importantly of all though, no hotel stay is complete without finding a mint on your pillow!!! So Mum made these little guys...

Ok, so don't look at the one in the middle with the funny eyes (I said don't look)...don't look like mints??? Well, hidden inside their heads is a round chocolate mint...cute right???

There were a couple of other jobs that we did too, but they were a surprise!!! Mum and I honestly had so much fun making all these little goodies, and can only hope that Rob and Jess love them as much as we do...but if Jackie's reaction is anything to go by, I'm sure they will, as not only did she not stop saying thank you, but she also brought us a very special treat...

Not that she had to of course, but they were very gratefully received...Love you Jackie

Little x

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