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Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's On It's Way!!

I know...I know, there's still a long way to go before Christmas...but not in the crafter's world there's not!! We've had lots of ideas in the pipeline since way back in around January!! Plus with orders for over 90 Christmas cards, not to mention the gift's we need to make, you kind of can't escape it in our house!! It's already taken over the kitchen, the lounge is full of this and that, the hall way has boxes of stuff and well to be fair the only rooms that don't have any "Christmas" in them are the toilets and bathroom...although don't tempt Mum!!!

So seeing as I have to suffer the earliness, I thought it only fair that you should too!!! How kind of me right?? haha I know!! Therefore, today I thought I'd start sharing just some of what we've been making ready for Christmas...starting with these....

Months ago when we were asked to make some pamper cakes for Christmas presents, all kinds of ideas started whizzing around our heads...but the minute Mum started playing about with ribbons, she knew exactly what she was going to do...Santa cakes!! So, after a bit of shopping Mum made both of with male bath products, and one with female. She'd put it all together, but there was still something missing...until she remembered something she'd seen ...and then the candy cane hearts were added for an extra bit of "fetiveness"!! ...what do you think??

Of course, once she'd made one, or even two pamper cakes, Mum's brain went into creative mode and she soon came up with this...

A Christmas kitchen cake...personally I think it would be an ideal gift if you were having Christmas dinner at a friend or relatives house...not only do you get the bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner, but you also get a few utensils that are bound to come in handy at some point when the chef's stressing about doing too much!! And then when all the dinner's eaten you can dry all the dishes up with the new towels!!

Now I know that not everyone's a fan of Chirstmas...My Brother for instance is more interested in the food than anything else!! ...but you still have to have what about this...

yep!! The ideal gift for the scrooge in your life!! Not even a single bit of christmas in sight!! Plus when they'll be too busy sucking on those humbugs to be able to complain!! ....well ok, I can hope!! 

Little x

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