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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

From Our House To Yours

I was quite happily sat finishing my cup of tea at lunchtime today, when my mobile phone made the little "bleep bleep" noise to tell me I had an email...I grabbed my phone to check who it was from...the answer was Crafty Ribbons..."Ooo" I ribbons to drool over!?! Nope, it was a notifcation that Ali had posted a new blog update!!! So I fired up the laptop, and clicked to see what it was....

I'll admit I wasn't quite expecting to find what I did...I thought it would be quite some time before I found that!!! What am I talking about?? Well, a few weeks ago we once again took part in another Crafty Ribbons Challenge. The idea is that they send a notification out to crafters allowing them to apply to enter...we of course did that!! Then Ali from Crafty Ribbons sends you a bunch of her lovely ribbons and a theme to what she'd like you to create with them...This time the theme was "Vintage" seeing as the ribbons she'd sent us were from their new "Vintage Christmas" ribbon collection. Mum, Lady and I all made projects for the challenge and quickly sent them off to Ali so she could take them with her to the Christmas craft shows where they use all the projects as inspirational ideas to help sell their ribbons.

We've taken part in quite a few of the Crafty Ribbons challenges. In fact, way back in the summer we made projects for their "Saddle Stitch" challenge that Ali has yet to share with everyone. So, when I clicked on the Crafty Ribbons blog, I really wasn't expecting to find her showing off one of our Christmas creations!!! You can check it out in all it's glory by clicking here!!! Or you can see it now....

Yep, this is the project Ali featured on the Crafty Ribbons 12 days of Christmas countdown blog post today...and it's mine!! The houses ribbon and the Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ribbons are some of the bunch of ribbons that Ali sent us. When I saw the houses, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it...I'd seen something similar before where someone had used a map and put photographs of the places they'd been on it....but I wanted to do something a little different...

So I printed and colourised a map and then stitched the route between Basingstoke (where we live) and Blandford Forum (where Crafty Ribbons are based)!!! I then added the little "from our house to yours" sentiment along with the ribbons, and there you have my completed card. 

We've got friends and family dotted all over the world in different places, so I have a funny feeling I'll be making a few more of these cards!!

Little x

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