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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Return Of Felt Friday!!

Ooo yes, it's been gone for far too long, but today Felt Friday makes it's return!!! Not only is it back, but it's back with quite possibly my most favourite felt creation yet.....

Meet Barry!!

I can hear you asking..."he's a penguin...why's he called Barry?" ...well, I'll explain!! A couple of years ago, Lady asked me the following question..."If you had a polar bear, what would you call it?" I gave it some thought...poley??...nope...snowy??...nope!! Those names were far too common, so I decided that should I ever be fortunate enough to in fact own a polar bear, I would call him "Steve"!!! Ooo yes, that's right...Steve!! Not a clue why, but since the day Lady asked me that question, all polar bears have been called Steve!!

Earlier this week, as Mum was hand stitching the cute little penguin together, I wanted to keep what she was stitching a secret from Lady. However, when she asked what Mum was stitching I couldn't just say something...I had to give her some kind of explanation!! So I asked Mum to name him, but he couldn't be called anything obviously linkable to a penguin...Mum's response?? "Albert" chance of Lady guessing what Albert would be!!

So, Albert was all stitched up and ready to go, when I suddenly had a fact I made myself chuckle and couldn't wait to tell Mum what I'd thought of...I decided it was a shame we'd called him Albert...I had a much better name in mind...seeing as he was a cover for my Blackberry, and with him being made of black felt, he had to be called "Black Barry"!!!

And so, Barry was born!!!

Mum's also been busy stitching all kinds of other felt creations for Christmas, including these ... 

felt tree decorations, Rudolph, Robin, Rudolph and ...well, this little penguin can't be called Barry...he's a tree decoration!!! Perhaps I should name him Declan...what with him being a "Dec"oration!!

I know, I've lost the plot!! So on that note I'll leave you all alone!!
Hope you all have a fab weekend

Little x

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