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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Forensic Teaching Science!!

Confused by the title of this post?? Haha!! Then I shall explain...a while back we were asked to make a couple of cards for two very special people that were heading off to Uni this September....Melissa (Mel) will be studying Forensic science and Bethany (Beth) will be studying Teaching!! See, it makes sense now doesn't it!?!

With all that in mind, Mum made the following three cards to mark their new starts...

First up, there's this tatty teddy "star" card...Mum decided as they were both about to become superstars, they needed a super star card!!!

Ooo and as they were both from Donna and they'd probably see one another's card, she made them both the same...slightly different colours, but still the same!!

As Mel was moving all the way to Kent to study, Donna also asked us to make her a new home card...

So Mum made this very cute little card...personally I'd say that the two little bears are Ed and Donna (Mum and Dad) sending lots of Love to Melissa in her new appropriate I think!!

We're still a little bit behind with these posts, so both girls have now left for uni...but as far as we've heard (and seen the pics!) they're both having lots of fun already!! 

Best of luck girlies
Little x

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